Remotely Support Mobile Devices

Provide technical support for mobile devices or for your own mobile app.

Technical Support for mobile devices

The number of mobile devices used in the business world has expanded at an exponential rate over the past decade, and this trend is expected to continue. With many companies now stating that mobility support is a top priority in their overall IT strategy, businesses are increasingly looking for more and better ways to assist their employees while maintaining a cohesive mobile strategy. TeamViewer’s mobile device support enables IT supporters to connect to these various mobile devices to provide direct assistance, check the device status, install the right apps, and push/pull the proper settings.

Technical support for your mobile app

Get a five star rating for your app by providing unparalleled customer support through the TeamViewer screen sharing SDK for Android and iOS. As a developer, you have the ability to build customer technical support into your app by taking full advantage of TeamViewer’s support features. When customers need help, they simply request support from within the app, which then generates a service case. Using the mobile device support capabilities built into TeamViewer, your support staff members are able to connect to customers’ mobile devices from their workstations and use remote control to provide immediate assistance.

How to start

Your partner downloads the TeamViewer QuickSupport app on the mobile device.

Have your partner start the app and provide you with the device's TeamViewer ID to establish a connection from your computer.

The new TeamViewer session window will appear, allowing you to provide support to the mobile device.

Screen sharing SDK for iOS/Android

Remotely support iOS or Android apps – Screen sharing SDK for iOS/Android

The SDK allows real-time screen sharing of any iOS or Android app. Integrate the SDK into any of your own apps with ease and enable remote support. Even allow supporters to remotely control your Android apps. The support of your mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, or any Android device has never been easier.

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Useful TeamViewer features

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Mobile device support
Remotely connect to Android (with real-time remote control and unattended access possible) and iOS devices to see installed apps and running processes, push & pull settings, and view important device metrics.
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File transfer
Transfer files to and from the mobile device. Transfer photos from your device to your PC, or push PDFs to your tablet.
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Use chat to send messages to your mobile device users, enabling two-way communication without the need for a phone call. If you need to get the users’ attention, just nudge them.
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Device information
The dashboard allows you to see all the important metrics for the device at a glance. Get information about CPU and RAM usage, battery health, storage, and device-specific values.
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Screen sharing SDK
Integrate TeamViewer into your mobile apps using the screen sharing SDK for iOS/Android. Assist users of your app and troubleshoot their issues.
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High security
Every session with mobile devices is encrypted with the highest levels of security (AES 256 bit session encryption) to ensure that your support is secure.
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