Application Development with the TeamViewer IoT Node-Red Plugin

October 9, 2020
TeamViewer IoT SDK

What you will need

Make sure that you have prepared the following points:

  1. Open the node-red web interface from your web browser and in the left panel you will find the teamviewer iot node. Configure it as described in the help window.
Node-Red Plugin App
  1. Use the TeamViewer IoT node to create instances in TeamViewer IoT Cloud.
  2. Each node represents a TeamViewer IoT Metric in Node-Red environment.
  3. Each Metric needs to be assigned to a Sensor.
  4. For each Sensor, select or add a Client.
  5. The green dot at the node indicates a successful connection to the TeamViewer IoT Agent.
  6. In the TeamViewer IoT Cloud, the created sensors and metrics can be seen.


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