Thank You
for choosing TeamViewer

It appears TeamViewer is being used in a commercial environment

If you use TeamViewer for commercial purposes,
you need to purchase a license to continue.

Why did you get blocked?

  • Our system detected that you have been connecting to various commercial devices on a regular basis over multiple months.
  • Your usage pattern indicates long sessions typical of work related activities that resembles commercial use.
  • The free version of TeamViewer is for people who are using it to help family and friends without any financial compensation.

Options to continue using TeamViewer

  • The warnings can only be turned off by buying an appropriate TeamViewer license.
  • If you are an organization, reach out to your IT department for assigning an enterprise license to your account.
  • If you did not violate the license conditions or being falsely detected for commercial usage, please scroll down for more information.

We offer different plans for the commercial use of the TeamViewer software


Individual License

If you are a single user and want to be able to connect to unlimited endpoints, from your device, the Individual license might be your choice.


Small Team License

f you are working in a small team and would like to use TeamViewer from multiple devices, and share the license with other members of your organization, then the Small Team license might be the right choice.


Company License

If you work in a larger team, where multiple people are supporting multiple customers at the same time, a Company license maybe the best option for you. If you need single sign-on, then consider TeamViewer Tensor.

Was commercial use incorrectly detected on your ID?

If you believe the way you use TeamViewer is not commercial usage, we’re here to help resolve the issue.
We will review your information once you submit the request and unblock your device if it has been limited by mistake. We will make sure that we resolve the issue in seven business days.

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