Any Device, Any Platform, Anywhere

TeamViewer in Health Care

With TeamViewer, the sky is no longer the limit. Health care IT professionals can now access any device, at any time, anywhere in the world, and beyond.

TeamViewer is the established global leader in remote access software. No matter the location, operating system, or device status (attended or unattended), TeamViewer is your lightning-quick, secure and robust solution for remote access.

Get The Vitals on Your Equipment:

Whatever internet-enabled equipment you need to access and support in your health care operation – desktop computers, mobile phones, medical devices, servers and more – the TeamViewer remote access solution makes it available at your fingertips. Diagnosing customer service, IT support and help desk issues is dramatically simplified, increasing efficiency and saving costs.

Scalable, HIPAA-Compliant Solutions:

Which TeamViewer licensing option is best for you? While endpoints (internet-enabled devices) are unlimited, subscription levels vary according to the number of people using the platform at any given time:

Licensing Options:

Single User:

(1 user, 1 session)

Multiple Users:

(Multi Users, 1 session)


(Multi Users, 3 sessions)

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