In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most unexpected (and remarkable) outcomes of trying to flatten the curve by working from home has been the positive impacts on the environment with dramatically reduced global emissions. With our united efforts, we can continue to protect our planet and employees without sacrificing productivity to make the world a better place for generations to come.

Thrive in remote workplace environments for a better world tomorrow

By allowing more employees to regularly work from home and increasing on-site office desk spacing for social distancing, you can reduce essential travel, while keeping your employees safe and significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

Commuting is the second-largest source of greenhouse emissions in the US. Every day not spent driving to offices contributes to the greater goal of reaching a carbon-neutral status while increasing valuable working time for your employees. With the right technology framework, your company can do this without sacrificing workforce productivity.

TeamViewer can help you get there by enabling your employees to work from home on a regular schedule, which is becoming part of the new normal.

We provide all tools and software necessary to enable maximum productivity for your remote workforce in ONE Solution by TeamViewer so you can:

  • Assign regular work-from-home schedules with rotating ‘on-site work’ shifts to increase office desk spacing
  • Minimize total employee commute times, reducing your company’s carbon impact
  • Reduce travel and operational costs.

Learn more about becoming more carbon-neutral.

Stay prepared for anything ahead with a digital workforce

Forward-thinking companies are surviving and thriving during this unprecedented time because they’ve adapted quickly to a remote work model. They’ve taken control of what they can and established a new normal — a digital workforce ready for anything ahead.

Kick-start your workplace digitalization strategy with ONE Solution from TeamViewer:

  1. Enable your employees to work from home as if they were working at their desks with the full power of their office computers, including their local storage and LAN speeds with TeamViewer Remote Access
  2. Make team collaboration and online meetings a breeze with TeamViewer blizz video conferencing and collaboration platform
  3. Allow your support teams to support your remote workforce effectively with our extremely secure TeamViewer Tensor Remote Support tools
  4. Monitor, Patch, and Protect all the remote workers and their devices with TeamViewer Remote Monitoring and Management tools

Accelerate workplace digitalization with ONE Solution by TeamViewer.

4 Essentials for a Successful Digital Workplace


Work from Home

For maximum productivity, you’d want your employees to work as if they were sitting right at their office computer, right? While some of your employees might have a laptop they can just take with them, what about those that work on applications that require high-performance graphic cards or terabytes of local storage? What about people that need to access servers? No problem, no need to compromise with a high-performance Remote Access solution.


Online Meeting and Collaboration

Sticking to your regular meeting schedule and maintaining efficient collaboration is important. Collaborate with your colleagues and third-party vendors or consultants with online video or audio-only calls, instant messaging, screen sharing, and more on any device. Unlike many other popular online meeting tools, TeamViewer video calls, screen sharing, and VoIP connections are end-to-end encrypted.


Remote Support for Your Employees

Deliver instant remote support to employees whenever tech mishaps happen. Instead of making on-site visits, IT staff can provide instant remote support through TeamViewer – a secure, cross-platform remote access platform with high performance, even in low bandwidth environments.


Remote Monitoring and Asset Management

Working remotely doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have complete oversight and control of your IT systems or devices.  Proactively monitor, manage, protect, and patch your IT infrastructure and devices remotely, streamlining IT workflows and reducing unplanned downtime — all from a single platform.

Our Workplace Digitalization Packages

fully customizable and scalable


$999.00 / month

billed in one annual payment

  • 25 remote workers
  • 25 meeting organizers with access to meeting rooms for 50 employee participants
  • 25 Endpoints for Remote Monitoring and Asset Management (includes. Patch Management)
  • 3 technician seats for internal remote support
  • Meetings with 5 employee participants for all other employees
or call

  • +1 800 638 0253 (Toll free) en


Connect with us for a custom quote
  • 100 remote workers
  • 100 meeting organizers with access to meeting rooms for 50 employee participants
  • 100 Endpoints for Remote Monitoring & Asset Management (includes Patch Management)
  • 10 technician seats for internal remote support
  • Meetings with 5 employee participants for all other employees
or call

+1 877 258 3157

Your security, built into TeamViewer

We’re serious about your security and maintain the strictest standards to safeguard our customers.

  • All TeamViewer connections are secured by AES 256-bit encryption
  • Industry-grade security features like Single-Sign-On, Two-Factor Authentication, Blacklisting and Whitelisting, and many more
  • Certifications: SOC2, HIPAA/HITECH, ISO/IEC 27001, and ISO 9001:2015; GDPR compliant

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