The New Normal


Keep Your Business Thriving in Remote Workplace Environments for a Better World Tomorrow

Ensure the health and well-being of your employees by enabling long-term remote working while significantly reducing your company’s carbon
footprint — all without sacrificing employee productivity or compromising your corporate security or intellectual property. Embracing the new
normal can help us protect our employees and our planet for generations to come.

Prepare and Enable Your Workforce to Be 100% Productive in a Changing World for a Better, More Sustainable Future

To stay agile and prepared for unpredictable global market conditions, enterprises must enable hundreds or even thousands of workers to work from distributed workspaces without losing productivity due to lack of tools and/or access to necessary resources needed to complete crucial tasks.

As the global pandemic unfolded in the first half of 2020, many companies realized that the status quo combination of videoconferencing and VPN was not enough to enable all critical functions to continue at high levels of efficiency.

To ensure maximum long-term productivity for your work-from-anywhere workforce, companies need to:

  • Enable people to access the corporate network securely from company-issued and personal devices
  • Monitor, support, and secure all devices, keeping them updated and error-free to mitigate risks of data and security breaches
  • Onboard and offboard new employees with minimal physical interaction
  • Enable employees using specialized software and hardware to work on these machines remotely
  • Enable servers and machinery to be managed from remote locations, from any computer or mobile device
  • Allow teams from all around the world to collaborate with each other reliably and securely anytime

Stay Prepared for Anything Ahead with ONE Solution

Leading companies are surviving and thriving during these unprecedented times because they’ve adapted quickly to a remote work model. They’ve taken control of what they can control and establish a remote digital workforce ready for anything ahead. You can do that too with the complete remote workforce enablement solution from TeamViewer.

With our solution you can…

Enable your employees to work from home as if they were working at their desks with the full power of their office computers, including their local storage and LAN speeds with TeamViewer Remote Access.
Allow your IT teams to support your remote workforce effectively with our secure TeamViewer Tensor Remote Support tools.
Stay connected with your teams, partners, and customers with TeamViewer blizz videoconferencing and collaboration tools, end-to-end encrypted to keep your online meetings private and protected.
Monitor, patch, and protect all your remote workers’ devices with TeamViewer Remote Monitoring and Management tools.

Work Remotely and Collaborate Productively, Even When You’re Apart

Video Collaboration

Working with your team has never been simpler and more secure. Collaborate and meet virtually with your co-workers, partners, and even friends with online videoconferencing and VoIP calls, instant messaging, and screen sharing across any device or platform.

TeamViewer blizz enables global collaboration with the same level of security and reliability as the TeamViewer platform. All meetings are 256-bit end-to-end encrypted and can be locked to prevent any unauthorized eavesdropping or “video-bombing.”

Work Remotely on Office Computers from Anywhere

Stay 100% productive without any VPN lag as our technology enables you to access your office computer, server, or internet-connected device, no matter where you are. With TeamViewer Tensor remote access, you can remote in to computers, smartphones, tablets, and Android-powered commercial devices, such as point of sale systems (POS), interactive kiosks, and digital signage – from any device, across platforms, from anywhere – and use them as if you were in front of the device.

Run those big queries, or work on large video or computer design files with the full power of your office desktop and local storage without ever having to commute to the office. Enable secure outsourcing of sensitive content or code by allowing restricted remote access that prevents any copying or misuse of your IP.

Support All Your Workforce Devices – from Anywhere

Provide instant remote support to employees whenever tech mishaps happen. When employees work remotely for extended periods of time and need to use a variety of tools, providing fast and efficient support is critical. There’s no option for employees to bring computers in for repairs, and mailing devices back and forth can cost days of lost productivity.

A combination of remote access and remote support minimizes downtime to keep employees productive.

Our technology is completely cross-platform and cross-device enabled, allowing your support team to service Windows, Mac, iOS, and Linux devices from a single workstation.

Remote Monitoring and Device Protection, Centralized

Proactively monitor, manage, protect, and patch every device used by your remote workforce, safeguarding your network from threats, streamlining IT workflows, and reducing unplanned downtime, while keeping your workforce productive and secure — all from a centralized dashboard.

Stay Agile with Our Secure Digital Workplace Solution
All the essentials to run your business remotely, all in ONE Solution from TeamViewer

Fully customizable and scalable. Connect with us for a custom quote.


  • 25 secure remote workers*
  • 25 power meeting organizers – up to 50 participants/meeting
  • 25 Devices for Remote Monitoring and Asset Management (includes Patch Management)
  • 3 power user seats for employee remote support
  • Videoconferencing for all employees with 5 participants/meeting

Or Call:
  • +1 800 638 0253 (Toll free) en

*Named users can remote in to computers and devices for remote work


  • 100 secure remote workers*
  • 100 power meeting organizers – up to 50 participants/meeting
  • 100 Devices for Remote Monitoring and Asset Management (includes Patch Management)
  • 10 power user seats for employee remote support
  • Videoconferencing for all employees with 5 participants/meeting

Or Call: +1 877 258 3157

*Named users can remote in to computers and devices for remote work

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between TeamViewer and VPN?

Remote access through TeamViewer provides significant advantages to VPN technology that have always been available, but now turns out to be ideal — and practically purpose-built — for the unprecedented experiences of 2020 and beyond. Learn more about the difference between TeamViewer Remote Access and VPN for remote work.

What is a “power user seat”?

A “power user seat” or “TeamViewer Tensor Agent” is a power user with a personalized login who can use TeamViewer Tensor features within the limitations according to the scope of the license. An “Agent” or “power user” can have administrator permissions, but that’s not mandatory. Note: One of the Agents must have company administrator permissions in the TeamViewer Management Console.

What is a “secure remote worker”?

A “secure remote worker” is a named user who can remote in to computers and devices from their company-issued or personal computers to access files, applications, and network resources from home or anywhere. Each user can remotely access and use corporate workstations as though they were at the office using the machines in person.

Is this solution HIPAA and GDPR compliant?

Yes. Learn more about our security features and certifications at the TeamViewer Trust Center.

I have more than 100 employees that need to work remotely. Can the package be customized?

Yes. Please connect with us to request a free quote.

Can this be purchased in my country?

Our solution is available in over 30 languages in almost all countries where permitted. Please connect with us for a free quote.

Share your details to request a free quote and we will connect with you within 1 business day.

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