Find out why Proline trusts TeamViewer for providing remote support

and likely never considered any competitors

How TeamViewer enables businesses

Customer support should be fast, uncomplicated, and comprehensible. Especially if point of sale systems are down in a country where few pay cash anymore, a fast solution is crucial. This is why Proline not only uses TeamViewer, it deploys all of their systems with TeamViewer pre-installed.

Customer support for Proline offered two big challenges in Sweden: long distances and almost exclusively cash-free payments. Proline has to be prepared to react instantly when a point of sale system is down. Otherwise the customer can’t operate. With TeamViewer pre-installed on every device, help can be provided from anywhere, anytime. TeamViewer empowers Proline to help their customers in the simplest, fastest way possible. Proline doesn’t settle for less and neither should you.

See how Proline uses TeamViewer to provide exceptional remote support for point of sale and enterprise solutions:

“If the customers’ point of sale is down, they can’t sell. This is critical. Therefore, TeamViewer is great software for us to reach our customers in no time.”

Peter Holm, CEO, Proline Sweden

TeamViewer for Your Business

Exclusive features that empower your success


Proline did not compromise. Neither should you. TeamViewer is the best software for remote control and access and offers many exclusive features for businesses of all types. Here are some of our most popular features and benefits.


  • Customize TeamViewer to your corporate design
  • Manage support queries with the Service Queue
  • SOS Button for your customers: maximize your availability
  • Install TeamViewer on server operating systems
  • Cross-platform access
  • Mobile support
  • Intergations to Zendesk, JIRA, and more
  • Priority support
  • Unlimited endpoints without extra costs
  • … and many more!


  • Easy handling
  • High security standards
  • Compatibility with almost every system
  • Flexibility through support of many devices
  • Trusted by millions
  • Easy and comprehensive licensing
  • Made in Germany

Start using TeamViewer for your business today:

TeamViewer vs. Splashtop

Find out why more than 545,000 companies all over the globe trust TeamViewer
(and likely never considered Splashtop)


TeamViewer offers an all-in-one-solution for remote support and access. If you choose to compare TeamViewer to other tools, you will find that no other software on the market offers the same combination of security, performance, and usability. Additionally, the number of integrations and supported platforms TeamViewer offers is unique.

While TeamViewer is not the only software for remote control and access on the market, it is the best one. We are working every day to keep this promise. Still, it is important to know your options. This is why want to give you an overview of TeamViewer’s key benefits compared to Splashtop.

Download a detailed comparison or have a look at the most important differences between a TeamViewer Corporate license and Splashtop SOS:

Feature comparison

TeamViewer Corporate

Splashtop SOS


Session recording



Drag & Drop

Easy access to the system settings and menus of the remotely controlled device directly via the software

Hide desktop wallpaper (reduce data usage)

Remote printing

SOS desktop button (instant help request)

Platform support


Supported Android devices (remote control)



Mobile to mobile support (connect between mobile devices)


Amazon WorkSpaces, IBM MaaS360, ninja, Freshdesk, Freshservice, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Outlook, Zendesk, Avira, JIRA, Spiceworks, Microsoft Intune, MobileIron

Autotask, airwatch, Naverisk, LANDesk, Greater Intell, MobileIron, MaaS360,
Good, Spiceworks, XenMobile

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