Feature Spotlight Multi-User Whiteboards

Brainstorm With Your Remote Team Using Blizz’s Whiteboard Feature

Need a better way to connect on projects with your remote team? Digital meetings can be difficult when it comes to collaboration on new tasks.

The TeamViewer™ whiteboard feature allows you to draw and write anything you want on the presented screen and then save a screenshot. Don’t like what you see? Simply clear the board and start over. You can also bring up a virtual whiteboard, which is helpful for presenters to write thoughts and ideas using their touch pad or digital pen pad.

This feature comes in handy when you’re teaching someone how to fix a problem or how a program works. It’s also an essential feature for brainstorming sessions with colleagues on a collective project.

TeamViewer Multi-User Whiteboard Feature Details

Multi-User Collaboration

With the whiteboard feature, multiple teammates can collaborate on joint projects while working remotely. Brainstorm ideas, teach important concepts, and solve problems together using this unique feature.

Whiteboard Functionality

Easily utilize the whiteboard function to your team’s advantage. As the presenter, you can help your team brainstorm ideas and jot them down digitally while hosting a meeting. Have a client that needs you to explain a solution? Use the whiteboard to illustrate. With a variety of use case scenarios, it’s easy to see how the whiteboard tool can help you and your team stay ahead of the curve.

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