Important File Locations

April 26, 2022
TeamViewer IoT Documentation

This overview contains online locations where TeamViewer IoT provides the necessary files.

File System Entry On Linux Notes
Agent binaries path /usr/libexec/teamviewer-iot-agent/ e.g. teamviewer-iot-agent, teamviewer-iot-agent-config, etc.
Agent configuration file /etc/teamviewer/agent.conf
Agent control script /usr/bin/teamviewer-iot-agent
Agent dynamic configuration file /var/lib/teamviewer-iot-agent/global.conf
Agent info file /var/lib/teamviewer-iot-agent/info
Agent IPC file /run/teamviewer-iot-agent.ipc
Agent log files path /var/log/teamviewer-iot-agent/
Agent PID file /run/
Auto start configuration not available on linux
Crash dump directory /var/crash/teamviewer-iot-agent/
Documentation files path /usr/share/doc/teamviewer-iot-agent/ e.g. README, copyright, Third_Party_license_IoT.txt
Man page path /usr/share/man/man8/teamviewer-iot-agent.8.gz
Static environment file /etc/default/teamviewer
Token assignment directory /var/lib/teamviewer-iot-agent/.local

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