Industrial AR and IoT Solutions

Industrial AR & IoT Solutions

Connect and automate processes along the entire value chain with IIoT, augmented reality, and wearable solutions. Digitalize shop floor workflows through interconnectivity and collaboration of data, machines, and people to maximize efficiency, reduce operational costs, increase revenue, and improve workplace safety.

40% faster

inspection time at Airbus

20% reduction

in changeover time at Coca-Cola HBC

90% less

rework at AGCO Fendt

TeamViewer Frontline

Digitalize, enhance, and streamline manual processes for frontline employees in industrial workspaces with augmented reality based wearable computing solutions – running on smart glasses or other mobile devices. TeamViewer Frontline creates a truly connected workforce that is more productive, efficient, and delivers high-quality outcome along the entire value chain.

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TeamViewer IoT

TeamViewer IoT enables you to instantly connect, access, and remotely control any machine or IoT endpoint, from anywhere. Increase efficiency and reduce operational costs, while maximizing machine uptime and performance with secure remote connectivity, threshold alerts, and data insights for smart workflow automation and performance predictions.

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Featured Solutions
Logistics and Warehousing

Increase the productivity, efficiency, and output quality of logistics and warehousing processes with augmented reality workflows using smart glasses. Reduce error rates by guiding frontline workers through order picking, sequencing, or any other dynamic logistics and warehousing process with visual step-by-step instructions, freeing both hands for their actual tasks.

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Assembly and Manufacturing

Create a working environment that is as intuitive as possible and eliminate the source of errors in conventional production processes. Equip frontline workers with an innovative make-by-vision solution that displays step-by-step instructions through smart glasses directly in their field of view to reduce employee onboarding and training time, while enabling higher quality output.

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AR-enabled Field Service

Empower your frontline workforce with on-demand AR-powered visual remote support solutions — connect to remote experts for real-time guidance to assess problems, troubleshoot day-to-day issues, and perform maintenance on devices, machines, and systems in real time.

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On-Site Maintenance and Inspection

Help technicians work more efficiently through complex maintenance and inspections: create safer, more ergonomic processes by showing easy-to-follow visual instructions, real-time data, and relevant alerts in their smart glasses within the users’ line of sight — freeing both hands for tasks. Eliminate tedious manual administrative work with built-in digital documentation and automatic reporting that syncs with integrated back-end systems.

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Remote Machine Operations

Connect to industrial control systems, programmable logic controllers (PLC), gateways, and other operational technology to manage, maintain, and remotely operate machinery and equipment in any location. Get full visibility into the real-time status of every machine from a centralized dashboard, enabling you to monitor and control business-critical assets 24/7 — even when no one’s there.

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Predictive Maintenance for Industry 4.0

Maximize the lifespan of industrial machinery by applying advanced analytics. Reliably predict the future state of any equipment by detecting and preventing potential failures. Plan maintenance based on estimated future performance and anticipated degradation states to avoid unplanned downtime, reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), and minimize field service costs.

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