IoT and Industry 4.0


Digitize Manufacturing and Production

TeamViewer IoT connects your manufacturing and production – securely, quickly and across locations. Start now with the data-driven optimization of your production processes.

Reduce Downtimes in Production. Retrofit for Existing Machines.

From Machine Manufacturer to Machine-as-a-Service and New Service Models.

Network IT and OT Completely and Securely with Each Other.

Optimize Processes. Reduce Costs. Innovation Leadership.

Isolated plants, data silos and no coherent digital strategy – now what? Kick-start your digital projects with TeamViewer IoT.

Access any type of machinery and equipment remotely at any time. Avoid production downtime and improve your OEE by having parameters and sensor data in view at all times, whether in the digital twin or through rule-based notifications and the automation of process steps.

We provide you with quick-to-implement tools to optimize production processes: it’s a minimum investment for maximum return on investment (ROI).

World Class

The Market Leader

Many IT departments already rely on TeamViewer’s core applications. These provide an ideal basis for extending the functionalities in the direction of OT and shop floor.

Networking IT and OT

TeamViewer IoT brings the world of IT applications and cloud applications together with OT. This means that data can be actively used across system boundaries.


Easy to Integrate

Using integrated APIs and intelligent assistants, you can quickly integrate measured values, process data and status information into existing third-party applications.

Consistent Visualization

Whether in the web client or on the mobile device: The display of the available data in the TeamViewer IoT dashboards is independent of the application and control programming of the IoT device.


Encrypted Connections

Secure communication between the application and the IoT device is encrypted end-to-end, yet without complicated VPN configuration.

Certified and GDPR-Compliant

Our data centres are ISO-27001 certified and store the necessary data in the TeamViewer cloud in compliance with GDPR.

Remote PLC Programming
Closed systems are of the past. Use our OPC-UA-based solution for remote access to programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Program, adjust parameters or find and fix errors remotely.
Predictive Maintenance Implemented in an Uncomplicated Way
Spot wear-induced maintenance can become a reality in weeks. Combining data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence with remote access and support will improve your OEE more than marginally.
Digital Twin is More Than an IoT Dashboard
To increase your process speed by 30%, there is no way around digital twins. Whether individual plants or entire production lines – you are able to control your widely distributed machines virtually and parameter-driven at any time and from anywhere. No matter whether your machine is one year or 20 years old.
Feature Highlights TeamViewer IoT
Get Started Immediately

Get Started Immediately

TeamViewer IoT is quickly installed on your endpoints / edge devices at a fraction of the cost in comparison to other approaches. Avoid building complicated and difficultly managed IoT VPNs.

Edge Alerting and Automation

Edge Alerting and Automation

Improve response times to minimize damage or unplanned downtime. Alarm rules can be set on the edge. Predefined actions are also executed to automatically resolve problems as they occur.

Edge Management

Edge Management

Easily integrate sensors and other peripherals. Create rules based on real-time data output and set up MQTT APIs and their clients via a graphical user interface.

Remote Screen

Remote Screen

The remote screen function allows the user to access almost any type of screen connected to the Edge device: Framebuffer grabbing, grabbing an X11 session or direct access to a QT application on the device.

App Control

App Control

With app control, you can create a custom user interface for any device or system without a graphical user interface. The user interface is created as an HTML page and is saved directly on the device.

Remote Terminal

Remote Terminal

Remote access via remote terminal allows full control of the Linux shell in the IoT device. Direct remote access and monitoring is possible via browser and shell access. You can use port forwarding to apply your own services.

Customer Success Story: Würth
Market leader for assembly and fastening materials automates ordering.
Customer Success Story: SYS TEC electronic
Electronics service provider uses TeamViewer IoT for predictive maintenance.
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