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New to TeamViewer?

Check out these quick start steps to get the most out of the world’s only all-in-one remote connectivity platform.

Provide or Receive Remote Support Instantly

  • To provide support: Install TeamViewer full version on your computer, then enter the client’s TeamViewer ID and password to connect to their device.
  • To receive support: Download and install the TeamViewer QuickSupport app on your computer, then share your TeamViewer ID and temporary password with the support person.

Get started in less than 3 minutes

Remotely Work on Computers & Servers from Anywhere

  1. Install TeamViewer software on the computer you need to access and set up unattended access from the Connection menu.
  2. Set a computer name and access password for the remote computer.
  3. Install TeamViewer on the accessing computer and add the remote computer to your Computers & Contacts list.
  4. Select the remote computer from your list, click ‘Remote control using password,’ and enter your password to connect.

Install & configure in less than 5 minutes

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