Industrial AR – How Coca-Cola is Mastering Their Digital AR Journey

Webinar Replay – Industrial AR

How did Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company achieve 99.99% service accuracy in their operations?

Over the last couple of years TeamViewer’s solutions have been the building blocks for Coca-Cola’s AR journey and includes remote support, vision picking, workflow integration & augmented intelligence.
Watch this webinar replay to learn how they successfully deploy augmented reality in the bottling manufacturing industry.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:50 What aspects of Augmented Reality have you implemented?
  • 06:38 What are the benefits of AR remote assistance?
  • 09:14 How much time savings in reducing the production cycle?​
  • 10:20 What are their next steps on AR journey steps?
  • 11:45 What is Augmented Intelligence?
Featured Speakers
Zachary Jenkins​

Zachary Jenkins​

Director, Automation Engineering​
Coca-Cola Consolidated

Zachary Jenkins is the Director of Automation Engineering at Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC). CCHBC is one of the largest bottlers for the Coca-Cola Company in terms of volume with sales of more than two-billion-unit cases every year.

In this video, Zachary shares with us the journey that Coca-Cola has taken to deploy augmented reality (AR) remote assistance to meet their business goals in the production cycle timeline.

Today, global companies are faced with the challenge of keeping equipment running even when there is not necessarily the right support on-site to troubleshoot issues that may arise. Remote Assistance is an AR solution that provides companies with the ability to connect anyone anywhere by sending a weblink.

At CCHBC, each automated warehouse location is equipped with AR headsets that can be used to connect with corporate level support teams spread across various geographic region for remote support on-demand. Zachary explains that one of the benefits of AR remote assistance is the ability to show visual aids overlaid in the technician’s field of view to compliment what is being communicated verbally when there is language barrier. Frontline workers wearing a headset can see files, graphical schematics, panel drawings or mechanical drawings while on-site in real-time.

Learn why AR solutions can help reduce costs by optimizing your workforce, and how to get started with your own AR project today.

TeamViewer Frontline augmented reality solution includes remote support, vision picking, workflow integration & augmented intelligence.

  • Improve machine uptime and SLAs​
  • Achieve 99.99% picking accuracy with our vision picking solution xPick​
  • Improve productivity 8-16%​
  • Intuitive hands-free instructions​
  • Have on the job data fuels for AR/AI

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