2016 Predictions: “Remoting Into” Will Drive Predictive IT

January 28, 2016
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At this time of year, we have the perfect opportunity to look at what happened in the past years, and look ahead to where we’re going. I believe that 2016 will see the world continue to become more predictive, and that it will be driven by IT.

Why is that? If we look back over the last 10 years, you’ll be able to see the trend that IT systems within companies transitioned from being responsive to being adaptive in their approach.

IT departments have needed to adapt to new operating environments and new business models. But it is clear that this approach is no longer good enough.

Smart sensor-driven devices has made data more accessible than ever, available from an incredibly broad range of sources. The opportunity is there to derive business insights that makes businesses more intelligent.

I believe that the next step is for IT to become predictive in nature, so that it can provide the vital data needed for complex business decisions.

It will allow for more long-term thinking in terms of investment and risk-taking as the future will be more predictable based on what really counts, and that is data.

Moving from adaptive to predictive will be a positive, disruptive shift for businesses.

“Remoting into” devices will play a key role in bringing this to fruition.

The future of “remoting into”

For the last two decades or more, we have been able to “remote into” another device, to remotely control it, or to access files. TeamViewer has certainly been a pioneer in this field.

Although today, in the majority of cases, “remoting into” is used to provide remote technical support, and work mobility in the form of home office, I believe 2016 will see us pick up pace towards a transition divergent from this status quo.

A “connected state” will take shape, where smart devices not only become more prevalent, but more able to seamlessly interact with each other. Access and data exchange will be manageable with a click of a button.

As increasing numbers of devices become smart and IP-enabled, the world of connections will open up aggressively and become increasingly complex. Keeping track and control in a secure way will be essential.

In the next few years, “remoting into” cars, refrigerators, MRI scanners, parking meters, industrial sewing machines, fish-feeding controllers, etc., will be as easy as it currently is to connect to PCs, Servers and Mobile devices.

“Remoting into” and collecting vital data will be a key building block of more predictive computing going forward.

More predictions for 2016

IT is on a rapid journey. In my 2016 predictions article on LinkedIn, I explain why I think that online collaboration has not yet reached its potential, and why it is critical to businesses and consumers alike that we ensure it does.

I also detail my thoughts on IoT in 2016, especially given the trends evident at the recent Consumer Electronics Show. Lastly, there are a few words on why I believe Virtual and Augmented Reality is now reaching a maturation stage.

I am very excited that TeamViewer, its users and customers, will continue to be pioneers in this space.

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