3 Reasons You Should Integrate Zendesk and TeamViewer for Omnichannel Support

November 19, 2018

Zendesk not only brings to mind images of calm, incense and connection, but also an elegant, web-based solution for ticket management and help desk issues that help calm the hectic world of customer service. At TeamViewer, we love their marketplace with app integrations for their Support and Chat products so that you can customize and expand your capabilities. TeamViewer’s a trusted partner of Zendesk and below are a few ways that a TeamViewer integration can benefit your business.

Provide Support From A Single Point

With TeamViewer directly integrated into Zendesk, you can manage and start all of your support cases from one place. You can easily connect to customers from within a Zendesk ticket or chat session. Plus, you won’t need customers to install anything on their side and you can start a session with a simple click.

Reduce Resolution Times

Aside from the time it takes to solve a problem, the initial information gathering can be challenging. Users may not remember or know how to describe the issue they’re having.

The ability to initiate a remote session to see the problem yourself and troubleshoot—and even fix it in many cases—helps you find a solution faster. Faster resolution times, in turn, allow you to help more customers in the same amount of time.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

At the end of the day, the main goal of your service and support is to maintain and improve customer satisfaction.  In today’s environment, customers who have a negative experience can share their story publicly, which can have an impact on your brand reputation. Using the TeamViewer integration can help you provide a seamless interaction free from interruptions and the need to switch between systems. A quick resolution is the results.

We’re hosting an upcoming webinar on integrating TeamViewer with Zendesk.  Learn more about our Zendesk integration on our website.

Register for our upcoming webinar on Thursday, November 29th, Integrate to Innovate: Zendesk for a detailed look at this integration and how it can help you super charge your customer experience.

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