5 Worries You May Have About Remote Access Implementation

June 7, 2018
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Implementing remote access software will elevate your business in many aspects. Your employees will have more freedom to help your customers, which results in happiness all around. Ultimately, this greater happiness leads to increased productivity and a higher ROI.

If you’re thinking about roadblocks you may hit along the way, don’t fret. We’ve provided ways to get around some worries you may face to ensure a smooth implementation process.

Worry #1: The software isn’t secure enough.

The idea behind remote access is a hard one to grasp, especially if you’re used to going on-site to support your customers. This is where research comes into play. You want to make sure that the solution you choose offers high levels of encryption, the best being 256-bit AES session encoding and 2018-bit RSA key exchange with different passwords for each session. This ensures your data is secure while you connect remotely.

Worry #2: Your employees won’t be happy with the change.

Change can be scary at first, and remote access will change the way your employees work. But as the workforce continues to shift into a more remote atmosphere, this software ultimately meets the demands of your employees. The software can work off of any device and can be used anywhere your employees have an internet connection (which is great, as 43% of employees spend at least some of their time working remotely).

Worry #3: Your customers will have a hard time using it.

If you think each new customer you serve has to go through an in-depth software download process to receive help from your team, think again. Most remote access software offers a quick support module that takes only a few minutes to set up. From there, the module allows your employees to take over your customers’ screen and diagnose a problem quickly and securely. You’ll save valuable time on both ends and have more opportunities to serve more customers.

Worry #4: The software won’t track important KPIs for business improvement.

Not only will a remote access software track and measure the top metrics, but it will also improve your results—which leads to happy customers and high ROI. For example, one company saw a 23% increase in first call resolution (FCR) in one month. And that’s not even the best part, because just a 1% increase in your FCR correlates to a 1% increase in your customer satisfaction. That’s a lot of happy customers!

Worry #5: You won’t be able to access all of your customers’ devices.

Traveling door-to-door to meet customer needs ensures that you can work on whatever device they need help with. Remote access software allows you to offer this same level of service without the need for time-consuming travel. You’re able to use any desktop, laptop, or mobile device to access any of your customers’ devices, including unattended servers and IoT devices.

* * *

While the implementation process seems a bit daunting up front, the result is well worth any worries you may have. Remote access software eliminates the need to travel and gives you the opportunity to help more customers. It’s understandable that you may be worried about the implementation process, but with TeamViewer, you’ll receive excellent customer support to help you throughout the entire process. Learn more today.

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