6 Benefits of Supporting Retail Clients Remotely

July 6, 2017
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Remote support is commonly used to resolve IT issues and provide companies with better access to employees, systems, and specific devices. The ability to offer remote support is especially beneficial when it comes to the retail industry that depends on consistent uptime to keep profits high and customers happy.

A remote support solution like TeamViewer can be used to support POS systems, CRM, inventory management systems, digital displays, kiosks, and more. Here are six ways your business can grow by expanding your reach into the retail space:

Save Time

Think about how much time you spend driving to a client to fix a problem. Or, if you offer phone-based or email-based customer support, how much time it takes to explain to a customer which button to click or how to solve a problem that takes mere seconds for you to do in-person.

Remote support alleviates these pain points and saves you hours of time each week by allowing you to use the customer’s computer as if you’re directly in front of it.

And since 78 percent of customers have bailed on a transaction as a result of poor service, speed of service is clearly a major support issue. With remote support functionality, you can speed up the rate of service and                      ensure you don’t lose valuable customers in the process.

If you show the customer what you’re doing to resolve an issue, next time they may be able to fix it themselves—saving them time so they can get back to selling.

Increases Profits

Because you’re able to save time and increase customer satisfaction, you can contribute more time and energy toward revenue-producing tasks and gaining more customers.

TeamViewer works on any platform so you don’t need to spend money training technicians on specialized equipment. They can use TeamViewer on whatever device they prefer—be it a computer or mobile device. This                  ultimately increases your profits and feeds the bottom line.

Eliminates Hassle

Think about how much of a hassle it is for a retailer to schedule an appointment or spend hours on the phone with support just to fix a simple problem when there are sales out there to be made.

Remote support allows you to take control and makes things easier on the customer’s end. One click of a button and they can let you know they need help, and you can instantly deal with the issue so they don’t disappoint a customer.

Expands Reach

If you’re forced to offer in-person support for retailers, you’re automatically limiting your market to areas that are nearby. With remote support, you’re no longer geographically limited to a location and can help clients, no matter if they live 5 miles or 5,000 miles away.

TeamViewer supports 30 languages and works in low-bandwidth environments so there’s almost no limit to how you can grow your business.

Promotes Prevention

Remote support can happen even when there isn’t someone in front of a device, so you can proactively conduct quick checkups of your customers’ IT infrastructure, making sure everything is functioning properly and preventing bigger problems from happening in the future.

While you can find out a lot by conducting active monitoring or tapping into a customer’s computer and investigating the issue firsthand, you’re sometimes only as effective as the customer lets you be.

Encourage retailers to be active participants and ask questions. Not only does this help them utilize their systems more efficiently, but it gives you the insights you need to offer proper support.

Prioritizes Security

We’re living in a strange age where cyber security is arguably just as important—if not more—for retailers as physical security.

TeamViewer offers military-grade security that keeps retail clients (Payment Card Industry) PCI compliant with end-to-end encryption plus features like white lists that enable you to specify who can access which device.

If you’re the only person supporting your retail customers’ POS system, your device is the only one on the white list. It’s that simple.


Whereas shoplifting has a cap in terms of how much damage it can do, a cyber attack could potentially bury a company for years to come. Keeping this in mind, it’s imperative that you prioritize security in everything you do. Never expose a customer to more risk than necessary and work with them to establish safer connections and practices.


Key Takeaways

  • Remote support increases uptime in retail environments.
  • Remote support enables you to grow your business without geographical limit.
  • Remote support will help you save money in travel, training, and more.

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