Why the Game This Sunday Will Be a Collaborative Masterclass

February 4, 2016
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It’s that time of year again when, for few hours on Sunday, the world turns its attention to football (the kind that uses the oddly shaped ball and that we Americans affectionately refer to as “real football”).

As for the game on Sunday, there are two teams involved and, once again, the city of Detroit is not represented among them. As such, I can genuinely express my unbiased wishes of good luck to the fans of both teams.

At TeamViewer, we love American football (and the other kind too, but we’ll save that for a later article).

We love how something so complex, with so many moving parts and dependencies, and so much necessary planning can be made to appear so simple.

In fact, ease and simplicity are two fundamental components of almost everything we try to do and achieve as a team at TeamViewer.

Imagine the scene. The Quarterback is set behind the center. He may be a certain grizzled veteran whose legacy is well established or a brash upstart who is already breaking records.

Either way, he calls the signal and takes the snap. He fades back, goes through his progressions, and throws to the open man. Touchdown! He makes it look easy.

Making the complicated look easy

It only looks easy. Here’s what really happened.

After coming out of the huddle, the quarterback walked up to the line of scrimmage and immediately noticed how the defense was setting up.

He called an audible to change the play at the line. The wide Receivers knew right away exactly how to adjust their routes. The half back switched from a run play to cover the free safety who was showing blitz.

The offensive line switched from their hole assignments to a zone blocking scheme within seconds, and the tight end got ready to pull in order to protect the weak side.

The level of organization and choreography is similar to that of a ballet performance. Just know that the defense (i.e competitors) have plans of their own. So in all that apparent chaos, how can one stay ahead of the game?

Be like that quarterback

When we want to achieve something in the workplace; we need to act like that quarterback. Assess the situation, analyze all the moving parts, and take decisive action.

We need the ability to work in highly dynamic environments, adjust to changing conditions, and always ensure that we have an efficient means to communicate and work together in ways that make complex projects and situations appear incredibly easy.

While you’re enjoying the game this Sunday with your friends and family, take a moment to marvel at the collaborative masterclass before you. By Monday morning you’ll be itching to use your newfound insight to win your own championship.

Enjoy the game.

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