Bosch Sensor XDK110

October 9, 2020
TeamViewer IoT Documentation

The Bosch XDK 110 Sensor Kit is a freely programmable sensor which provides eight different measurements. For the TeamViewer IoT Starter Kit it is programmed to send all to the TeamViewer IoT agent which then are visible and usable in the TeamViewer IoT Solution.

See Attached Files to download the full documentation.

Safety Approvals

  • CE

Main Components

  • Bluetooth 4.0 low energy IEEE 802.15.1Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • 32-Bit microcontroller (ARM Cortex M3), 1MB Flash, 128 kB RAM
  • Internal Li-Ion rechargeable battery 560 mAh
  • Integrated antennas
  • Built-in sensors: accelerometer, acoustic sensor, digital light sensor, gyroscope, humidity sensor, magnetometer, pressure sensor, temperature sensor

Operating Conditions (Indoor use)

Operating temperature range-20 °C … 60 °C, (0 °C … 45 °C for battery charging)
Storage temperature range-20 °C … 60 °C
Humidity range10 … 90 %rH (non-condensing)
IP RatingIP 30 (IEC 60529)
Supply Voltage5 V DC

The battery lifetime of the sensor is up to 24 hours depending on environmental conditions like temperature.

Measurement Ranges

Accelerometer±2 … ±16 g (programmable)
Gyroscope±125 °/s … ±2000 °/s (programmable)
Magnetic field strength±1300 μT (X,Y-Axis); ±2500 μT (Z-Axis)
Light sensor0.045 lux … 188,000 lux ; 22-bit
Temperature-20 °C … 60 °C
[limited by operating system conditions]
Pressure300 … 1100 hPa
Humidity10 … 90 %rH (non-condensing)
[limited by operating system conditions]

Sampling Rate

Accelerometer BMA2802000 Hz
Gyroscope BMG1602000 Hz
Magnetometer BMM150300 Hz
Hum./Press./Temp. BME280182 Hz
Inertial Measurement Unit BMI1601600 Hz (Accelerometer)
3200 Hz (Gyroscope)

LED Indicators

The sensor has 4 LEDs on the top side. Each LED indicates a different status.

GreenCharging indicator. Light is on when the sensor is connected to a power source and the internal battery is charging.
YellowFlashes when the sensor data is transmitted to the edge device.
OrangeBlinking while it tries to connect to the edge device.
RedBlinking while the sensor is connecting to the TeamViewer IoT Service.
Light is on when it is connected.


The LED patterns indicate problems with the sensor. Heed the table below and take action.

No LED is onThe internal battery is empty. Connect the sensor to a power source.
Green LED is off, but the power source is connectedThe battery is fully charged.
Orange LED is constantly blinkingThe edge device is not powered.Connect the edge device to a power source and restart the edge device.
The edge device is powered.Move the sensor closer to the edge device and restart the edge device and the sensor.
Red LED is on, Yellow  LED not flashingNo data is received from the sensor on the dashboards.Restart the sensor.

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