“Time is Money” – How Will Channel Groups Save You Time?

November 19, 2015
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Sometimes what happens in a few minutes can change the course of your whole business. Time matters.

This is why I got very excited when I heard about the new TeamViewer Channel Group feature.

Now you probably all wonder why this is.

Let’s imagine you are the head of IT of a big supplier for the automotive industry.

You have purchased a TeamViewer license with 20 concurrent sessions. You mainly use TeamViewer for internal tech support, to help out the field sales reps and the CEO.

Your company has about 5,000 employees and your support requests queue up in the TeamViewer service queue so that you are constantly busy helping employees and adjusting their settings.

How your tech support may impact the future of your company

Today is one of those days: Your CEO has a meeting with the president of one of the biggest automotive corporations in the world to showcase your company’s services.

If this contract/deal goes through, this would mean an additional revenue of 50Mio $/Euros for your company over the next three years.

There is just one problem: When your CEO tries to open the presentation, the program it keeps crashing.

Already really stressed out, he calls you, the head of IT, to fix the problem  asap.

Making sure you get the deal –Timing is everything

With the new channel group setting in TeamViewer 11, you have created a special channel for your CEO which is called “CEO Support”.  You can now immediately connect to your CEO even though all of your service technicians are busy and all other channels are occupied.
Closing-DealIt literally takes you 2 minutes to fix the issue and the CEO can go to his meeting with full confidence. You have saved this deal!

Proud to be part of this – Working for a customer-centric company

Now, you might wonder why I care about this new feature so much.

I have been working at TeamViewer since March 2010. When I started in the International Sales department, there were only a few people working in the company.

There was one office only and all global sales and customer service was done from Göppingen, Germany.

We have managed to grow TeamViewer to a global enterprise with five different offices all over the world.

Talking about the growth of the company, I have to say that there is one specific reason I was always really proud to work at TeamViewer.

No matter what happens, our users and customers are always key

It is a TeamViewer core value to listen to our customers’ needs and constantly improve our products to ensure the best possible customer experience.

We recently spoke about how much we take your feedback seriously. Any feature request we receive from our users and customers is added to our internal feature request tool.

TeamViewer Channel Groups is one of these features. I remember having many conversations with customers requesting the ability to dedicate specific session channels to certain people/groups or purposes.

So, channel groups have been on top of our list as a feature for our most valued customers and I am proud to announce that it is now here.

You wanted it, we listened and we made it happen.

What does the new TeamViewer Channel Group feature help you with?

With TeamViewer 11 we have found a way to make our customers life a lot easier.

Any TeamViewer customer with several channels now has the option to certain session channels for high-priority cases or specific departments.

We have called this feature Channel Groups which can be set up in the TeamViewer Management Console.

Channel Groups e.g. can be used for the following scenarios:

  • A dedicated support channel for your CEO
  • Dedicated channels for your Key Account/ViP customers
  • Dedicated channels for different levels of support (Tier I, Tier II etc.)
  • Dedicated channels for sales presentations
  • Dedicated channels for regular internal screen-sharing meetings
  • And so much more…

And the best thing about channel groups is that the setup is real easy.

Simple Setup for Channel Groups

Setting up Channel groups will not take longer than a few minutes.

To set up Channel Groups please go to the TeamViewer Management Console at login.teamviewer.com

[box]Note: To use the channel group feature you will need a TeamViewer Corporate or Premium license and be the admin of the company profile in the TeamViewer Management Console.[/box]

In your company profile, you will find the option Create Channel Group in the tab General.


Simply define the channel group and assign specific users to it.

If you choose to receive e-mail notifications, we will notify you when channel limit in a specific group is reached. This will happen on first occur and after that every 7 days in case the channel limit was reached again.

Questions? Then please get in touch with us via telephone or e-mail or contact us on our official social media channels like e.g. Twitter or Facebook. We are always happy to help!

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