A Cheesy Success Story

April 7, 2016
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For a long time, cheese has played an important role in the British society. It is not for no reason that the British have even formed an organization called the “The British Cheese Board” to discuss all open questions about cheeses.

I was very surprised when I heard that the Brits are so crazy about cheese that they actually even do not care about hurting their own body when running/rolling down a hill to chase after a little cheese ball in the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake in Gloucestershire.


However, as I discovered during a recent trip to meet one of our amazing customers, some of the fastest growing markets for dairy products and quality cheeses currently are China and other Asian countries.

The high demand for Western European milk products opens new perspectives and challenges for exporting businesses.

Exporting cheese at Somerdale International

John Beardon, IT and Communications Manager at Somerdale International some time ago sent us a truly charming tweet about how much he liked TeamViewer.

We kept the conversation going and then figured it would be a nice idea to collaborate to tell their story of how they work and use TeamViewer.


As mentioned previously, with the rise of globalization, dairy exporters are facing new and big challenges when it comes to logistics and process optimization.

Somerdale International is one of those other customers, as they export high quality English cheese to over 50 countries around the world, and have done since 1990.

And, all this from a small picturesque town of Wellington in Southern Britain, less than 100 miles away from cheese-racy Gloucestershire.

No more Cheese-Offs about IT-challenges

The story of Somerdale International is particularly interesting because Somerdale uses TeamViewer in such a variety of ways.


Not only does Somerdale use TeamViewer for process optimization in the warehouse and for their logistics, but Somerdale also uses TeamViewer to support various member of staff all over the world remotely, all from their IT department in the UK.

This is particularly interesting for the sales reps who fly overseas as the IT department in the UK can push all the updates and software needed onto their computers whilst the sales reps catch some much needed rest to deal with jet lag.

This way, important IT issues can be solved literally overnight, so that the reps are fully prepared for any sort of customer event, like trade shows or important sales meetings.

Different Types of Cheese

This way of operating saves Somerdale a lot of time and in addition, it ensures that all Somerdale employees can rely on the same level of service in any location and at any time.

Prior to using TeamViewer, we had to employ local IT shops to provide support to our members of staff. This obviously had a cost implication, and also gave us inconsistent levels of support. TeamViewer allows Somerdale to provide instantaneous support to users on various different continents.” – John Beardon, IT and Communications Manager at Somerdale

With the help of TeamViewer, Somerdale sales reps manage to save a lot of time when travelling long distances. Such as when they fly around the United States to present the beloved quality English Cheddar cheese to customers anywhere between California and Boston.


“When you are flying around the USA, it essentially is dead time. We now have the ability to upload information, whilst in the air, through TeamViewer, and you can still be 40,000 feet up in the air, in an airplane.” – Alan Jenkins, Sales Director at Somerdale

TeamViewer leaves time for cheese

Another important aspect is not only the possibility to support staff in any location, but also the fact that any sort of work with TeamViewer can be easily done from any location as well.


The fact that IT staff can also troubleshoot whilst being away from the office is crucial for John:

“TeamViewer actually allows me to work almost as if I am on company premises from my home office. This is vital to me, because I live in an area that gets flooded in, and I can’t actually get into the main office. And, it allows me to use my office computer, as if I am sat in front of it.” John Beardon, IT and Communication Manager at Somerdale

To get to know the full success story about how Somerdale International uses TeamViewer we have prepared a short video for you.


Don’t get cheesed off by downtime

At TeamViewer, we have a very diverse range of customers and use cases.

Quite often, people think that only IT Consulting and Support companies use our services to offer remote tech support to our clients. Yet, the variety of our customers and use cases is a lot wider.

And this is why we have just launched our new TeamViewer Success Story page to give you in-depth insights about some of our customer stories.


You might have read some of the top stories on the blog already.

Some of my very favorites are ones such as  Davide Coltro, an Italian artist who uses TeamViewer to remotely connect to his digital artwork, or the one of Grady Moates, where TeamViewer was used for emergency management during Hurricane Gonzalo in Bermuda.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

TeamViewer can be used in the agricultural field to remotely monitor poultry and livestock, or where the new TeamViewer used for smart farm devices with the Trimble app.

Or in the medical area, where TeamViewer is sometimes used to streamline hospital processes and even for telerehabilitation purposes.

If you would like to be featured with your TeamViewer success story on our channels please submit your proposal to us at any time.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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