Cloud Storage Integration for the TeamViewer File Box

April 9, 2015
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Perhaps you remember the days when it was common to work with an external hard drive, those cumbersome boxes with an external power source. Having your most important data available when and where you needed it meant packing up the hardware and bringing it along. Today, external hard drives have long since given way to cloud storage.

Flexibility in a modern work environment requires that files be available to everyone, at any time, from anywhere, with any device. To achieve this, companies are increasingly relying on cloud storage providers to store their business data.

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Using cloud storage providers for sharing information with friends and family has become ubiquitous. As a student, I even used cloud storage to exchange files with my friends when constructing a Hazelnut cracking machine. Furthermore, cloud storage providers have reached a level of reliability that has allowed them to become an increasingly trusted part of day-to-day operations in many business environments. Agile teams at forward-thinking companies store business data in the cloud with, for example, Dropbox and then they might collaborate with colleagues from around the world using collaboration tools, such as TeamViewer.

Merging the powerful features of both services is as easy as using the products themselves. Several cloud storage providers and TeamViewer have created symbiotic relationships that naturally increases efficiencies, the very goal of modern work environments. With that, let me introduce you to the cloud storage integration that is built into TeamViewer 10.

Using TeamViewer 10, you can now share files from common cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive with TeamViewer Meeting participants or within a remote control session.

So, how does the TeamViewer cloud storage integration work?

You are presenting your new product to some prospective buyers in an online meeting. Your presentation goes well and there is a good chance that your audience is going to start requesting more details about your product. As a well-prepared professional, you have already created a sales folder within your company’s cloud storage where all-important sales literature is stored. Within the TeamViewer Meeting, you quickly open up the file box widget for meetings, browse to the sales folder, select the informative literature and share it with your new customer.

There is nothing to upload and no searching for content. The cloud storage folder is always available and accessible from everywhere. You can even hold a well-prepared, professional sales presentation from an airport lounge using a borrowed laptop.

Are you also using TeamViewer and cloud storage providers? Test the cloud storage integration for TeamViewer yourself today!

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