Corporate Citizenship

TeamViewer views its role and responsibility as more than just a business

The Modern Slavery Act 2015

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires companies doing business in the UK to disclose information regarding their policies to prevent slavery and human trafficking from within their supply chain and their business.

TeamViewer is a company with integrity and recognizes its social responsibility. Therefore, TeamViewer considers human dignity and individual freedom to be key principles in conducting business.

Slavery and human trafficking are a flagrant breach of international human rights and affect communities and individuals all around the world. Independent reports show that millions of people across the globe suffer from various forms of slavery and human trafficking.

It is TeamViewer’s deepest conviction that any form of slavery or human trafficking is unacceptable. Therefore, TeamViewer does not condone and will not tolerate slavery or human trafficking of any kind or in any way. In consideration of the above, it is the intent of TeamViewer to actively engage in fighting slavery and human trafficking.

Secure solutions

TeamViewer provides secure software solutions to access and remotely control networked devices and to enable online support and collaboration across the globe in real time.


Trusted partners

Less than 0.2% of TeamViewer’s suppliers are in high risk areas for slavery and human trafficking. The TeamViewer Supplier Code of Conduct grants TeamViewer the right to audit its suppliers as well as the right to terminate contracts with suppliers.


Continuous training

To ensure compliance with applicable laws, TeamViewer provides its employees training to emphasize the importance of acting with integrity and in line with TeamViewer’s internal policies.


Policies and Practices

TeamViewer has internal and external policies and practices to ensure compliance with applicable laws and ethical business practices as well as to prevent modern slavery or human trafficking within TeamViewer’s supply chain or any part of TeamViewer’s business. Regarding modern slavery and human trafficking, TeamViewer has the following statements in place:

  • TeamViewer Supplier Code of Conduct: The TeamViewer Supplier Code of Conduct contains requirements with respect to the prevention of slavery and human trafficking and grants TeamViewer the right to audit its suppliers as well as the right to terminate contracts with suppliers.

  • TeamViewer Internal Human Resources Statement: TeamViewer’s Internal Human Resources Statement, which is addressed to all TeamViewer employees, has the goal to sensitize all TeamViewer employees to the fact that modern slavery and human trafficking occurs daily, even if it is not clearly visible.

Modern Slavery Act Statement

This document is provided pursuant to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes TeamViewer’s global slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year 2016.

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