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TeamViewer is the leading software for remote support and access on the market. The vision of TeamViewer is to empower people to help people. In the healthcare sector, providing help remotely through a software can open new opportunities for doctors, patients, care-givers and more. Using a software that is secure, fast and easy-to-use for both sides is key in this environment.

Matt Fife | Head of ICT Support Services, Blackpool Teaching Hospital

TeamViewer has not only helped us to remotely support our “on network” customers, but those “off network” with only an internet connection, thus maximizing our desktop support effectiveness and driving costs down from not wasting time travelling to the customer. This has also improved our customer perception in the process.

TeamViewer’s technology is being used within the NHS to enhance the experience of patients, doctors, health trusts, hospitals and more:


Remotely connect to your devices like printers, computers or phones no matter where you are. Make sure that relevant information reaches you, your colleagues and your doctors within seconds.


Saving time with efficient processes is critical in a hospital environment. Make sure you can invest your money where it counts.


Being able to remotely control devices not only ensures that your patients stay independent, but also that they can receive help when right they need it without having to wait for their caregivers to arrive.

How can TeamViewer be used in healthcare?


Connect to a doctor through a mobile device and receive answers, advice and direct, fast help for minor issues that can be resolved remotely. Especially your patients can benefit from this technology as it allows elderly people to keep their independence and stay in their own homes.


Nurses can connect remotely to their patients and check whether they have taken their medication or have any questions. Save valuable time that you would spend on long drives to your patient’s houses.


Remove barriers by remotely controlling computers and devices running on Android, iOS, and more.


Speed up processes by connecting directly to the lab. Rapid diagnostics will help to improve your patients’ treatment and might even save lives. Your hospital will save valuable time and money.

See how other companies are using TeamViewer for healthcare:

National Center for Space Studies in France, CNES:

TeamViewer worked alongside CNES to design a private link that allowed space and ground researchers to interact in ways that were never previously possible, revolutionizing our understanding of the impact of space travel on humans. With the excellent quality of the transmitted images and the instant response of the probe, the medical personnel were able to provide precise medical diagnoses, which identified a major change in the blood vessels that appeared after six months in microgravity. Discover more about CNES.


MediTouch provides innovative physical rehabilitation solutions for hospital, community clinics and home care use. With TeamViewer, MediTouch is able to offer fully-customized physical therapy sessions at home. MediTouch can reach a broader spectrum of patients by communicating virtually through TeamViewer, saving patients money and time by eliminating the need for travel. This assures faster results, a more consistent approach to recovery. Discover more about MediTouch.

MediTouch Ltd.

Phillip Dewey | Server and Systems Manager at NHS North West London

TeamViewer has allowed us to scale up our remote support while reducing ongoing costs. With almost 400 surgeries using remote support is more important than ever and with QuickSupport it’s just a click away

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TeamViewer has many years of experience working a service provider with NHS organisations, We have a dedicated NHS account management team that is happy to assist you with your specific requirements and security evaluations.

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