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As the whole world faces the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare facilities and organizations urgently need more support from expert medical and technical personnel.

Hospitals, Emergency Services, Field Hospitals and Medical Services organizations can use TeamViewer Pilot, a HIPAA compliant platform for secure remote support and collaboration, free through July 31,2020.

Remote knowledge sharing and technical support through live interactive video sessions

Honoring our mission to empower people to help people from anywhere, anytime, on any device, TeamViewer Pilot is proud to help healthcare professionals get remote support for technical issues and share knowledge with new medical staff, recent graduates, and student interns, while enabling their IT teams to provide remote guidance to fix medical equipment and device issues immediately — without waiting for expert field technicians. 

Healthcare organizations around the world have turned to TeamViewer Pilot to help overcome their current challenges of not having enough medical and technical personnel to support the surge of pop-up clinics and hospitals required to treat sick patients. The TeamViewer Pilot mobile app enables you to use live interactive video streaming from your smartphone to show remote technical or medical experts any issues and get step-by-step help with hospital equipment or devices, as well as collaborate with healthcare staff for on-the-job training or second opinions.

Key Use Cases and Problems Solved


Real-time knowledge transfer

Senior physicians or on-call remote specialists can share their medical knowledge and expertise with new interns, junior staff, or other colleagues working at hospitals, guiding them on-the-job using secure live video streaming from smartphones


Fast remote support for hospitals and medical facilities

When every second counts, TeamViewer is there to keep hospital systems and devices up and running — so helping people never stops. To help minimize risks and provide the fastest support services possible, remote experts can guide on-site personnel or junior field service technicians through medical equipment installations and setups, or even provide on-demand help to manage and fix hospital devices and machines, the moment it’s needed most.


Streamline collaboration for remote second opinions

With fast file sharing, medical staff can share reports, procedures, and other references securely during live HIPAA compliant video streams for efficient collaboration and remote second opinions.


Record video sessions for training and documented resources

Record live remote support sessions for future reference and faster training or onboarding with clearly documented instructions.

Security with TeamViewer Pilot

At TeamViewer, we’re serious about security. We put our customers and their clients first when it comes to protecting everyone with the latest advancements in secure connectivity and remote access technology:

  • All TeamViewer Pilot remote sessions are secured by AES 256-bit encryption
  • Certifications and Compliance: SOC2, HIPAA/HITECH, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 9001:2015, and GDPR


  • Remote Camera Sharing and Real-Time Video Streaming
  • HD VoIP
  • Highlighting on 3D Objects and Text Annotations
  • Mobile-to-Mobile Support
  • Support for Vuzix, RealWear, and Epson Smart-glasses
  • Share Documents
  • Record Session

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