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in market share

More people rely on TeamViewer for remote support than any other software solution.


million connected devices at any given time

It’s as if the entire country of Australia were connected all at once.


countries with TeamViewer users in more than 30 languages

Greater than 70% of the world’s population can use TeamViewer in their native language

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Over 1.5 billion TeamViewer IDs

In 2015, the number of mobile banking users will alone exceed 1.5 billion – That’s nearly 1 in 5 of the global adult population

There are more than a billion devices with TeamViewer Installed on them.

More than 30,000 downloads per hour

That’s an average size town in America with every resident downloading TeamViewer every hour!

A user downloads TeamViewer – just like 30,000 other people every hour.

Over 2.5 million Facebook likes

That is more than just being popular. It's more than 7x the number for GoToMeeting and WebEx.

Users love working with TeamViewer.

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Trusted by businesses large and small


TeamViewer works across multiple platforms and operating systems

Trusted by 90% of the Fortune 500

More of these businesses use TeamViewer than Windows Server (75%)