3 Ways Customer Feedback Leads to IT Support Success

November 9, 2015
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What do your customers think of your IT support? TeamViewer 11 provides you with a simple, fast way to find out. Measure remote support success and show customers you care about them by asking for customer feedback on completed remote support sessions.

Hopefully you and your team already have a pretty good feeling at the end of a remote support session for how satisfied your customers are with your service.

It can be the greatest feeling in the world to hear the relief on the other side of a call as you explain to your customer that you’ve been able to solve their issue.

From time to time, though, it can be difficult to gauge whether or not the customer is completely satisfied or not.

And it’s almost impossible to accurately track metrics over time anecdotally. Meaning long-term service improvement is difficult to achieve.

With that in mind, would your team benefit from receiving insights via customer satisfaction forms, to know exactly what your customers think of your service?

TeamViewer 11 gives you the opportunity to easily gain measurable, highly relevant customer feedback by providing you with the option to automatically present customer satisfaction forms at the end of a support session from your custom QuickSupport.

How exactly could this impact your remote support success?

1. Your customers feel valued


Simply by asking, you let your customers know that you value their opinion.

That you care about ensuring they are completely satisfied with the support they’ve received.

And that you want to improve, by finding out from your customers about where they think you excel, and where there’s room for improvement.

2. Find and fix problems before they escalate


The next step towards excellence in customer service, is to take action on the feedback you receive.

Because you’re checking for satisfaction regarding a very specific interaction between the customer and your service, feedback will be ultra-relevant.

Most of the time, comments will be positive (hopefully!).

On the occasions where your customer feels there’s room for improvement, you have the golden opportunity to fix an issue which might otherwise have gone unreported.

Not only could this potentially avert losing a customer, but it builds a rapport by demonstrating your intention to always fix a problem when it crops up.

Not only that, but your team will be saved tons of time in avoiding all the implicated time-costs involved in escalated cases.

3. Remote support success can be measured


Maintaining a clear overview of your levels of customer satisfaction can help in a number of ways.

  1. Fix recurring issues experienced by your customers by spotting trends in the types of problems encountered.
  2. Understand at a glance whether your initiatives to improve customer service result in improved service quality over time.
  3. Understand exactly what the status quo is regarding your levels of service from your customers’ perspective.

Bonus: Motivation for your team


When you’ve done everything you can to provide top notch support to a customer, it’s a great feeling to know that they appreciated the way you dealt with them.

Sharing positive feedback amongst the team will foster a sense of pride and provide motivation to continue to improve service levels for customers.


Easy to set up and run

Itching to get started with TeamViewer 11’s customer satisfaction forms?

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