Download TeamViewer 13 and Tap into the Future

November 28, 2017
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TeamViewer 13 is brimmed with features that let you tap into the future to securely solve the challenges you face today.

Update: The full version of TeamViewer 13 is now available!

You and your team want to deliver excellent work, focus on the important aspects of a task and satisfy your customers or help out your colleagues.

In order to do so, you need a tool that is as smart as it is intuitive. A tool that amplifies your skills, instead of holding you back.

Or in other words, the TeamViewer 13 Beta!

Among other things, our current Beta release offers many clever workflow improvements, a more intuitive user interface, and more device compatibility. Not to mention the first iOS screen sharing solution that works cross-platform and directly from within mobile iOS devices!

Download the TeamViewer 13 Beta and tap into the future!

Let’s go over the major features together.

>> iOS Screen Sharing

In the past, screen sharing your iPhones and iPads was a more complicated undertaking than you’d think. Being forced to hook them up to a Mac to screen share that to another Mac, users and especially IT supporters have been constantly searching for a more convenient solution.

With the TeamViewer 13 Beta, we launch a new version of our QuickSupport app for iOS that offers the screen sharing abilities you were looking for.

Thanks to TeamViewer’s extensive cross-platform capabilities, you can share your iPhones’ and iPads’ screens directly through the QuickSupport app, of course to macOS and iOS devices, but even to

>> Recent Connections

How long is your Computers & Contacts list?

If you’re a professional IT technician, the answer might be hundreds or thousands of entries. And searching for that one you were just connected to a minute ago can become a time-consuming challenge.

For simplicity’s sake and to save your precious time, TeamViewer 13’s Beta comes with the the Recent Connections feature for your Computers & Contacts list, which displays your ten most recent connection contacts.

The Recent Connections work just like a regular group of contacts and can be expanded or closed with a single click.

>> Intuitive File Transfer

TeamViewer’s File Transfers just got even more convenient.

Look forward to a simplified navigation while browsing through devices’ storages, as well as a clear layout in the modernized File Transfer window.

Meanwhile, workflow improvements, such as quick access to recent folders and the file transfer history, enable you to get your File Transfers on track more swiftly.

But the best part about this Beta’s Intuitive File Transfers is the brand-new Job Queue. As its name suggests, it lets you queue up multiple files for transfer that will then be sent over one after the other. Moreover, it’s possible to add more files and position them at any point in the queue via drag and drop, all while transfers are already running.

>> Instant Log-In

Above, we already talked about the possibility that your Computer & Contacts list might be breathtakingly long.

Where previously, you therefore might have experienced some loading time with your TeamViewer client, you can now count on the new Instant Log-In to do its name justice.

By making use of encrypted caching, we were able to securely minimize the amount of data needed and significantly improve login times for you, allowing you to get started straightaway.

>> Enhanced Remote Printing

Remote printing sure is a handy perk, saving you the extra steps of transferring your files locally and, as it may be the case, dealing with outdated versions of those files at a later point in time.

Having said that, I’m all the more excited to announce the following compatibility updates:

Remote Printing with TeamViewer is now fully compatible with HP printers, as well as it is now possible to be performed on Macs, opening up the Enhanced Remote Printing Experience for a much broader user base.

Last but not least, now you can also remotely print your documents in all the colors your printer has to offer, allowing for a wider array of possible use cases.

>> Extended Remote Device Dashboard

Wish you wouldn’t have to collect device-specific information piece by piece from tons of different sub-menus?

Maybe it’s your lucky day because the Extended Remote Device Dashboard in the Beta does that job for you and it can be reached with a single click once you’re connected to the remote device!

Five new entries in the dashboard make it a more valuable source of information than ever. Now it provides S.M.A.R.T. information about the device’s disk drives, its battery state, uptime, BIOS version, and date, as well as a direct link to the event log.

>> Hardware Acceleration

When working with computers, few things are worse than an overloaded CPU that slows down your entire system.

To prevent that nerve-wracking experience from happening to you, we incorporated Hardware Acceleration into TeamViewer’s image processing, making your remote connections run smoother than ever.

Fewer interferences and greater responsiveness from your device really make this feature a hidden champion.

>> Essential Asset Management

Did you ever have to mass-update the operating systems or even replace entire groups of devices?

The big problem here is not so much the actual operation, but to find out which devices must be considered for it, depending on e.g. their current OS or the installed hardware components. Previously, this required someone to connect to each device individually in order to gain insight into the device’s properties and components.

But now, there is a remedy for this issue and it is called Essential Asset Management.

Find information about each device’s computer name, operating system, and hardware (processor, CPU, and RAM) in the TeamViewer 13 Beta’s Management Console alongside their respective entry and use the time that otherwise would have been wasted to actually get done with the task.

>> Intuitive Desktop UI

We always find some twists and tweaks to be made on the TeamViewer client to make working with it even easier and as intuitive as possible – and the TeamViewer 13 Beta is no exception.

With it comes a modernized and more Intuitive Desktop UI design to the Windows and Mac TeamViewer clients. In this new client, remote connections can be established from any of its tabs, enabling you to take action at any point without having to change the tab and find the respective contact again.

>> Automated Service Case Assignment

If you’d like to reduce your customers’ waiting times or generally improve the management of incoming service cases, then the Automated Service Case Assignment is a valuable feature for your team.

It allows you to set a default assignee in each of your QuickSupport and Host modules. Any service cases initiated through that custom module will then be automatically forwarded to the selected supporter.

The Automated Service Case Assignment can be combined with any other policy available in the setup sections for custom modules.

Be at the Forefront of Remote Support and Collaboration

We’re proud to present to you the TeamViewer 13 Beta. As always, we gave it our all to further improve the most sophisticated and popular remote control and collaboration software there is.

Now all that’s left is for you to give it a try and give us all the feedback you can!

Download the TeamViewer 13 Beta and tap into the future!

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