Easily Connect to Colleagues on the Road

October 12, 2016
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If they need immediate support, the ability to connect to colleagues on the road can be crucial and decide over success and failure.

Navigation systems sure have come a long way, since they’ve become a common tool for pretty much every driver.

We rely on them whenever we go to a destination the way to which we’re not a hundred percent familiar with.

And that is just common sense. Why wouldn’t we?

A good navigation system can find the best route for your criteria, anticipate traffic jams or construction sites and other roadblocks.

While such functionality is really convenient for the average driver, it can be more than that: a highly valuable tool, e.g. in logistics, or save lives when it comes to emergency services.

For example, ambulances, fire departments’ vehicles, the police and others very often depend on taking the optimum route to their destination.

Now, for these business purposes and the like, it is easy to imagine that it makes sense to offer highly customizable navigation systems.

It is possible to adapt systems to serve the most particular operations, such as public transportation, waste management, or emergency response.

Modern navigation systems can take advantage of their ability to communicate with each other and additional devices to lever the well-known functionalities of previous generations’ navigating abilities and enrich them with the possibilities of the internet of things.

As mentioned before, many of us rely heavily on navigation devices for private and business use. However, no operator is perfect and neither is any technology.

Sometimes, a driver might need urgent help troubleshooting their system to reach their destination in time.

Luckily, tech support is only one click away.


Providing Remote Support to Colleagues’ TomTom BRIDGE on the Road

Thanks to a collaboration between TeamViewer and TomTom that emerged in 2016, users of a BRIDGE driver terminal can now remotely share their screens with tech support to get help with troubleshooting in real-time.

Any driver experiencing problems or needing configuration changes to their driver terminal can alert the central fleet management team, which will provide support there and then.

They will receive immediate support and fleet management teams can be sure to deliver the right solution for the driver.

This is most important for those businesses operating fleets with a wide variety of vehicles with different driving requirements.

“The integration of TeamViewer QuickSupport will help TomTom BRIDGE users connect to customers and colleagues without multiple, complex steps or lengthy preparation times”, says Sebastian Ruffino from TomTom BRIDGE.

This means that even in situation where time is of the upmost importance, drivers aren’t left literally on their own device, but they can contact a professional who should be able to help and save them time wasted on trial and error troubleshooting.


The Importance of Easy-to-Connect Devices

Examples like the one above, so devices that combine their data to achieve maximum effectiveness, will become more and more important for private and especially business use cases as part of the internet of things.

With the number of vehicles on the rise, inter-connected navigation systems could well be a way to improving traffic congestion.

At the same time, solutions to maintain and support these elaborate devices are needed to guarantee reliability to the user.

Remote support of is the best, if not the only way to provide support to devices built into vehicles due to the highest flexibility possible.

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