Impress Your Customers with Easy Remote Host Installation

February 18, 2016
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You’ve fixed the problem. It was a simple enough task to identify a missing driver, and get their computer running the way they need it to. Your client is delighted with how quickly you’ve been able to connect remotely with your TeamViewer QuickSupport app to help them. An ideal remote support session.

However, your new client isn’t always available to be at their computer during support sessions, but they wanted to be there during this spontaneous support session the first time, to see how you got on.

Wouldn’t it be great for both you and your client if you were able to offer them a simple, fast way to remotely set up unattended access at the end of that very support session? And to do so in a way that alleviates their fears, by ensuring that you and only you can access their machine remotely?

For you it would be a great way to turn spontaneous support into recurring business. For your client, it’s a great service as it saves them a lot of time and hassle.

TeamViewer 11 includes easy remote Host installation, which provides the ability to remotely install your custom Host module onto your client’s machine during a QuickSupport session.

Why install the Host module and not the full version?

Although you also have the option to install the full version of TeamViewer remotely, there are certain circumstances where installing the Host module is preferable.

For instance, when security is a top concern for your client, the Host module can be configured with policies for maximum security, and peace of mind that only you will be able to connect.

Additionally, it enables only a certain amount of functionality. For instance, there are occasions when a client may prefer there to be no possibility for outgoing connections to be made.

If a Host module is already installed on your client’s machine, your company branded custom Host module can be rolled out to replace that Host, extending the visibility of your brand and fuller customer service experience.

And finally, simple, fast unattended access means your client doesn’t need to be present when you’re providing technical support.

Customer service wins the day

Make your clients’ lives easier:

  • Turn excellent spontaneous support sessions into repeat business
  • Enable remote access without any hassle for your clients
  • Deliver outstanding security in remote connection functionality
  • Improve the customer service experience with your branded custom Host module

What are you waiting for? Try TeamViewer 11 right now, discover this great new feature and install the TeamViewer Host module remotely to provide an unbeatable level of customer service.

Watch the video below to find out more about remote Host installation, and try it for yourself, today.

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