TeamViewer Engage • Co-Browsing

Co-Browsing – Like Screen Sharing, but better

Advanced, interactive, and web-based “screen sharing” with no downloads or installations necessary.

Next-level Customer Service

Increase your customer service experience for customers and agents alike

Securely see what the customer sees for instant visual context

Reduce Handle Time

Reduce Handle Time

Save time and energy. Reduce the back-and-forth, answer customer questions faster, and solve problems the first time around.

Drive Conversions

Drive Conversions

Use Co-Browsing to guide conversations on your website, support customers along their buying journey, and help them make the right purchase decisions.

Increase Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Increase Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Smooth service experiences draw customers back. Help your team provide higher quality service with the option to Co-Browse.

Solution Overview • TeamViewer Engage • Co-Browsing

TeamViewer Co-Browsing supports even the most complex websites

“Co-Browsing is a key instrument in our new hybrid world. By guiding our customers, be it through the app or the web, we create an “aha” moment with the customer which increases customer satisfaction and improves our service in the long run. Thus, we unite both worlds. Every customer service department should have Co-Browsing in its portfolio.”

-Head of Operations, German Insurance Company

See how TeamViewer Co-Browsing works

Draw, guide, scroll, point, click, and take control as if you were there in person. Connect with our experts to get a Co-Browsing demo and see for yourself.

Solution Highlights • Co-Browsing

With Co-Browsing, agents get instant visual context about what customers see on their website. As an aid to verbal communication, agents and customers reach quicker and more accurate solutions without installing or downloading any additional software, and just in one click.

Starting a Co-Browsing Session

Easily initiate a Co-Browsing session in one click let customers opt-in through chat or an embedded button on the website.

During a Co-Browsing Session

Agents can see what customers see on your website in a single click. They can resolve issues faster, guide customers to the right products, and interact with users on the site as they would in person.

During a Co-Browsing interaction, show your cursor, highlight important features on your site, and click, circle, draw, and point. Agents can also be given full control to fully take customers by the hand.

After a Co-Browsing Session

Trigger a customizable feedback form where customers can rate or qualify their experience to help you make actionable improvements.


Show agents only what they need to see. Ensure maximum customer privacy and security with our masking feature, which automatically displays any sensitive information as asterisks. Personal data never reaches TeamViewer servers and agents only see what they need to help.

Archiving & Auditability

Safely store recordings of closed sessions for a specified amount of time to comply with rules and regulations, or if you want to analyze your service interactions to make improvements. Recordings can be exported for archival in audit management systems.

Analytics & Reporting

TeamViewer Engage offers extensive options to help measure your success with each solution. For Co-Browsing, get data for:

  • Real-time Active Sessions
  • Average Session Duration
  • Number of sessions within a given period
  • And more

Trusted around the globe

Blue-chip companies already trust TeamViewer Engage and Co-Browsing to keep them connected to their customers.

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