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Elevating Online Consultation Experiences

Fully digitalize the in-person consultation experience. Schedule appointments in advance and host case-closing meetings online.

Next-level Customer Engagement

Digitalize the complete in-person consultation experience

Optimized to conduct meetings with customers, clients, and prospects in a customized space

Increase Sales Productivity

Increase Sales Productivity

Allow representatives to conduct case-closing online meetings. Opt for our legally binding eSignature (add-on) to sign contracts on the spot, or integrate your own electronic signature solution.

Improve Customer and Representative Experience

Improve Customer and Representative Experience

Provide tools that allow agents to do their best work, and give customers digitized consultation experiences that look and feel like you.

Remove Barriers

Remove Barriers

Help your team meet customers wherever they are for maximum convenience. Provide every resource to simulate the in-person experience in a fully equipped online consultation space.

Solution Overview • TeamViewer Engage • Online Consultation

Digitalize and personalize the end-to-end consultation experience. Plan appointments ahead of time with the Appointment Scheduler and connect with customers in a personalized online space to conduct case-closing meetings.

“The results led to such success that we decided to use TeamViewer Engage’s Co-Browsing solution for the long term and to further expand the collaboration.”

Michael Havas, Managing Director, Erste Bank

Appointment Scheduler

Allow agents and customers to book appointments

Plan and organize consultations ahead of time within one platform. When clients schedule meetings directly, both agent and customer receive a calendar invite that includes a meeting link. Sync directly with your preferred calendar, and even customize the interface to reflect your brand. Your team can always send out the initial invitation via email.

Video Conference

Personalize conversations over video

Conferences are equipped with key functionalities to guide, inform, and close deals. Customize the interface by color-picking exact brand shades and/or replacing logos.


Browse the web with customers

Securely browse any website with a customer, client, or prospect and immediately gain interactive visual context. Draw, circle, point, and highlight directly on site while walking through paperwork, explaining information, helping configure products, and more.


Visualize what’s important

Whiteboard is your online equivalent to a pen and paper. Both parties can use the Whiteboard simultaneously to write, draw, point, circle, and highlight during a Video Conference. Use the toolbar to select multiple pen colors, pen widths, and shape options, and download the entire board to review again later.

Document Co-Browsing

View and edit documents with customers

Use Document Co-Browsing to collaboratively review, edit, fill out, and sign PDF documents with clients, customers, or prospects. Point, highlight, circle, and draw directly on the document and use eSignature to sign.

eSignature (add-on)

Conduct case-closing online meetings

Avoid unnecessary, asynchronous back-and-forth correspondence and signing processes and sign directly in a conference. Integrate your existing electronic eSignature solution or use our standard solution for qualified electronic signatures.

Post-Conversation Feedback

Learn and improve

Customers can rate or qualify their experience through a customizable feedback form you create. Generate data from the responses to help inform actionable improvements after a Video Conference has ended.

Further Capabilities
Gather Feedback

Gather Feedback

Gather feedback after every video consultation. Customize what questions you like to ask your customers.

Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

Align colors, language and more within all customer-facing interfaces to match your corporate identity.

Analytics & Reports

Analytics & Reports

Monitor how many video consultations take place, how long they take in average and more metrics.

See how it works

Connect with us and we’ll create a custom demo fit to your online consultation needs.

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