How a Family Business Transformed Their Services with TeamViewer

February 11, 2016
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Can you imagine living and working with your partner 24/7? The Cucco family do exactly that. Mr & Mrs Cucco run a family business that offers IT-support using TeamViewer. During one phone call, Mr Cucco told me all about their sweet story.

At TeamViewer I handle customer care calls from Italy. Most of the time this means doing anything from helping Italian speaking customers to activate their TeamViewer license, to providing assistance in setting up the Management Console, and ensuring that they get the most from using our software.

I remember one afternoon, after picking up an espresso from the coffee machine and getting back to my digital world – not even a minute had passed since I’d switched my phone back to active, and it started ringing.

I picked up, and within the first seconds of the call I knew I would enjoy helping this customer.

On the other end of the line was Mr Cucco. He spoke calmly, listened attentively and I got the strong impression that he wanted to find out the best way to support his customers, and that he would connect to a customer in a minute after the call to give him support.

He explained how he and his wife work together, and we had a great time together setting up the Management Console to exactly the way he and his wife needed it.

As a supporter, Mr Cucco wanted to be able to manage his customers, create groups, maintain his customers’ devices using the service queue feature, and enable Mrs Cucco, their accountant, to have a complete overview of the completed work including comments and billing info for different customers.

The Cucco family business’s TeamViewer story

As Mr. Cucco and I chatted, I became extremely curious about his case and his TeamViewer story.

They created the company LINEARETTA Srl 6 years before, making use of their wealth of experience in building software packages and offering software services.

In addition they decided to offer maintenance of systems, managerial and administrative support to their customers.

Their clients consist of small and medium-sized businesses and services, and multinational companies with offices in Italy.

With such a customer-base, Mr. Cucco and his wife have many challenges to overcome in their day-to-day work, such as frequent updates to a variety of operating systems, maintenance and control of anti-malware protection, and overseeing computer networks.

Challenges in delivering support

Before discovering TeamViewer they often needed to travel to their customers‘ offices to deliver support on site. Only the software development part of their business could be completed at the LINEARETTA office.

An increasing number of customers and issues related to their service encouraged the family company to search for a solution that would allow them to provide remote assistance.

“Before using TeamViewer we tried various software solutions, but the results were not satisfying, mainly due to management difficulties.”- Mr. Cucco told me.

After finding TeamViewer, speaking with several specialists, and a successful outcome of a few weeks of testing, they decided to go for TeamViewer as their remote support solution.

Nowadays TeamViewer is used full time in the family business and has become a real success story.  As Mr. Cucco told me, their major gains have been in saving time and money:

  1. Ability to immediately deliver support to customers who have a problem
  2. Saving time by removing the need to travel to each customer’s location
  3. Savings made in reduced expenses (petrol, transport etc ..)

Excellent results with TeamViewer

LINEARETTA obtained excellent results with TeamViewer, and it is now their primary tool for communication with customers and for the remote services they offer.

TeamViewer continues to develop and implement new features to match the ever changing needs of our customers.

It is important that our customers receive help  to solve problems and learn which TeamViewer functions can be used to implement the functionality they require in their business.

It makes my day to speak with TeamViewer’s incredible customers, and to help them further succeed if I can.

If you ever want to find out more about how to use TeamViewer to solve your business challenges, just call us – we will be happy to help.

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