TeamViewer’s unique and globally trusted approach to file transfer online

If you are searching for a better way to transfer files between devices, look no further than TeamViewer’s improved and modernised file transfer feature. With a highly developed functionality for all platforms, devices, and network speeds, you can be sure of excellent performance in a variety of environments – whether you are looking for the best way to transfer large files to a remote device, or to receive documents while you work from home. TeamViewer’s user-friendly and modern interface with in-app controls make file transfer simpler and more efficient between colleagues, clients, and stakeholders. Moreover, as an all-in-one remote desktop access and communication solution, TeamViewer is a cut above single-purpose file transfer software. The transfer feature integrates seamlessly with TeamViewer’s extensive range of other features.

What are the benefits of using TeamViewer to transfer files?

TeamViewer uses a unique compression algorithm to reduce file sizes for transfer, resulting in a remarkably fast file transfers at a maximum speed of 200 MB/s. Once sent, the files are then automatically uncompressed, allowing the recipient to access them as quickly and easily as possible. The automatic compression is especially beneficial for transferring large files since you don’t’ have to compress your files manually before you send them, saving you even more time.

Furthermore, there is a dedicated file transfer window, which ensures that you can share files with colleagues and clients without any unnecessary interference with your other work. This has the additional benefit of speeding up the process of beginning a transfer: simply drag and drop files between windows during a remote desktop session, or right click and send to another remote device.

TeamViewer is optimised for different network environments, meaning you can expect good file transfer performance even with a slow internet connection. If your connection drops completely, the transfer will resume automatically as soon as you regain internet access. TeamViewer also operates on LAN, so you can very quickly transfer files between devices on the same network. This means there is no need to carry around external hard drives or split files into multiple parts, saving even further time and simplifying procedures.

Icon signifying scalability

Unlimited File Size

With TeamViewer there are no limits to the size of files you can transfer, meaning large file sharing for business collaboration projects has never been easier.

Icon signifying different file types for code languages and media

Send Any File Type

There are no restrictions on what kind of file you can transfer using TeamViewer, regardless whether you’re working with raw video footage, XML files, or any other format. This versatility makes the software well suited for a wide range of applications.

Icon demonstrating a two-way movement e.g. arrows pointing in both directions

Two-Way Transfer

TeamViewer supports two-way remote file transfer, meaning you can simultaneously send and receive files from a remote device, even if it is unattended. In this way, you benefit from easy file transfer without any interruptions.

What security measures does TeamViewer have in place to ensure secure file transfer?

Transferring files to various devices within a secure online environment

TeamViewer offers the highest possible standard of security in order to protect its users. There are four levels of built-in protection, each targeting different means of verifying the identity of account holders. Two-step authentication, saved trusted devices, forced password resets, and a master white list feature ensure the utmost account security is maintained. Transferred files are encrypted, and only the devices included in the peer-to-peer connection are granted access to them. As a result, you never have to worry about transferring sensitive data using TeamViewer.

Multi-level security measures help ensure the tightest account security

It is easy to prevent specific people from transferring files they do not have authorisation for. With the user management control panel, you can restrict access to certain devices, using a whitelist and blacklist to maintain a clear record of which people have been granted access to which devices. You can further restrict access by requiring authentication for each action on a remote device. In this way, TeamViewer gives you the means to protect your files against internal security threats, not just external threats. Due to this comprehensive data security, some of the world’s most high profile companies and banks use TeamViewer in order to comply with their strict security policies.

How can I test TeamViewer’s easy file transfer functionality?

To test the powerful file transfer feature for yourself, with no purchase obligation, simply download TeamViewer and start your free trial. By following the simple instructions in our knowledgebase, you can be up and running in just a few minutes, so you can quickly discover whether TeamViewer meets your needs. You will also receive a 7-day money back guarantee if you decide to purchase, so there is no risk to testing the software.

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