What makes TeamViewer an ideal all-in-one solution for conferencing?

TeamViewer takes the hassle out of audio and video conferencing by providing comprehensive functionality for all your business communication needs in one convenient package. Thanks to this all-in-one approach, there is no need to switch between different apps to access the tools you need to make your online meetings as efficient and effective as possible. With fully integrated features, such as screen sharing and an online whiteboard tool, web conferences are effortlessly interactive.

How do TeamViewer’s benefits facilitate a better web conferencing experience?

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Fully Compatible

TeamViewer meetings are compatible across different devices and operating systems – including Windows, macOS, and Linux – meaning web conference participants can connect seamlessly from their preferred device.

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Flexible Audio and Video Conferencing

TeamViewer offers comprehensive conference call services, including Voiceover Internet Protocol (VoIP) or telephone audio, as well as video. This way, participants can join meetings from wherever they are. When there is no internet connection, you can simply connect via phone.

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Smart Scheduling

Scheduling online meetings with TeamViewer is smart and intuitive: send meeting invitations and reminders that automatically synchronise with participants’ Outlook calendars to ensure everyone is well prepared to join the call.

How does the conferencing usability of TeamViewer improve remote communication?

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TeamViewer’s conferencing feature provides ample scope for improving communication when you are working remotely. For instance, if a meeting is arranged at the last minute but you are working from home, you can quickly and easily join from whatever device you have at hand. Even if you’re on the move and don’t have access to the internet, TeamViewer’s telephone conference option enables you to still participate. Furthermore, TeamViewer helps you present to multiple stakeholders while you’re working remotely. The screen sharing function supports multiple screens simultaneously, allowing for a more interactive and collaborative meeting, and you can even utilise remote access to control a participant’s device and demonstrate a point directly.

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Similarly, TeamViewer enhances the quality of communication between you and remote colleagues, clients, and stakeholders across the world. In addition, online meeting participants don’t need to install TeamViewer – you can simply send them a link for them to join from their browser. This eliminates a potential barrier to hassle-free communication with external stakeholders who don’t have the same IT setup as your organisation. When the conference call is underway, you can assign presenting rights on the fly to foster a multilateral exchange of ideas, and seamlessly share important documents via the integrated file box.

What security measures does TeamViewer have in place?

Even while working remotely, TeamViewer gives you confidence and peace of mind when it comes to conference call security. End-to-end encryption is applied to all file transfer and communications, which makes sure you comply with the relevant data privacy guidelines. When meeting to discuss sensitive or confidential information, you need to know that only those with the necessary authorisation are in the conference. TeamViewer provides you with unique meeting IDs and a door lock function for every conference, guaranteeing that you have full control over who can access the online meeting at all times. This further ensures that unauthorised individuals cannot access your files or shared screen.

How can I test TeamViewer’s conference call functionality?

To try TeamViewer for yourself, simply download the free trial, without any obligation to buy. Setting up the software will take just five minutes, and after you can personally experience how TeamViewer’s online meeting feature can improve your remote communication processes. If you decide to purchase, your decision is supported with a 7-day money back guarantee to ensure satisfaction.

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