How will an online whiteboard improve collaboration?

Effective teams need to communicate clearly, share ideas, and foster a creative atmosphere. Remote teams often find this concept a challenge when working together online. Meetings, workshops, and creative collaborative spaces in offices are often equipped with a whiteboard. In a digital work environment, an online whiteboard provides a space to visualise thoughts and ideas immediately.

How can it help with delegation and real-time tasks?

Use the Online Whiteboard to visualise what you're discussing.

Online whiteboards enable your team to work together digitally the same way they would in person. Use TeamViewer’s digital whiteboard tools to write, draw, and annotate together in a view that is shared by every participant simultaneously. Take notes, draw diagrams, or focus attention on a specific part of the presentation or the screen being shared with every participant.

Working together online and offline are equally convenient.

Choose how and when you want to work with TeamViewer’s digital whiteboard by activating or deactivating the feature at any time during a remote desktop session or online meeting. It seamlessly merges with your remote connection, so there's no need to switch programmes or screens to access the virtual whiteboard. This way, you devote all your attention to the substance of your meeting.

Connect instantly and save time

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Accessible from Every Device

TeamViewer works on every platform, which allows you to collaborate with people all over the world from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device using any operating system.

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All-in-One Solution in One Click

Save time by using TeamViewer's all-in-one solution instead of switching between different applications. Get started with just one click during a remote control session or online meeting.

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Boost Your Creativity

Creatively enhance your digital collaboration with the drawing, typing, shape-building, and highlighting tools available at your fingertips within the online whiteboard.

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Ensured Privacy and Security

Feel safe in the knowledge that your remote desktop connections, online meetings, and all transferred data are protected by industry-leading privacy and security measures.

Interactive Whiteboard Software: How does it work?

  • Write, draw, and annotate as a team in a central digital workspace, where you can collaborate on your current tasks.
  • Take notes, draw diagrams, or focus attention on a specific part of a presentation or shared screen.
  • Activate or deactivate your online whiteboard at any time during a remote desktop connection or online meeting.
  • Collaborate with people all over the world by using your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.
  • Get started with one click during a remote control session or online meeting.
  • Ensure peace of mind with industry-leading privacy and security measures for your remote desktop connections and online meetings.
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