Summary: TeamViewer’s industry-leading remote desktop feature

Utilising TeamViewer’s remote desktop functionality is the quickest, easiest and most efficient means of managing company IT systems and providing technical support to customers. The cross-compatible service means you can take remote control of desktops running on Windows, macOS, Linux and Android. Unattended remote access connections can even be established, enabling instant desktop control of computers located anywhere in the world. This is turn helps you to optimise your working processes and provide 24/7 support for your customers. TeamViewer is much more than just remote desktop software: with its unique blend of high security standards, centralised console management, lightning-fast connections, it is an all-in-one service package offering a comprehensive solution for your needs.

What benefits does TeamViewer’s remote desktop feature offer for task efficiency?

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Less Downtime

With TeamViewer, the in-built remote login capabilities enable you to connect instantly to a customer’s device without having to switch applications. Using Custom QuickSupport, recipient users don’t even need to have TeamViewer installed on their device prior to access.

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Reduced Travel

Taking remote control of PCs removes the need for IT support workers to travel to onsite locations. By scaling back travel demands, time is freed up and can be reinvested in providing further dedicated online customer support.

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Effective Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is made easy, as TeamViewer lets you move freely between multiple remote desktop connections. This means you are able to be run updates on one computer whilst you attend to another: with tasks running simultaneously across a number of machines, downtime is reduced and time-efficiency greatly improved.

How does the usability of TeamViewer’s remote desktop functionality help me to manage IT resources?

Remote desktop is possible without the need to install any software.

The Management Console offers IT staff the ability to centrally manage and configure settings on devices across the company. Changes can be made to particular machines or to whole groups with this remote desktop client, allowing you to selectively apply sophisticated settings across the network. The company admin can also use the Management Console to determine the appropriate level of user settings, depending on which device they are remoting into.

TeamViewer remote desktop provides for more efficient IT service and support.

TeamViewer enables swifter and more efficient IT resource management workflows than standalone remote desktop tools; because of its all-in-one construction, all maintenance and communication aspects of IT support are seamlessly integrated. You can effortlessly reconnect to a core group of devices you have previously specified via your Computers & Contact list. It is also straightforward to establish unattended access to both Windows and Linux-based servers and a Windows remote desktop, allowing constant monitoring of network performance. Furthermore, TeamViewer allows you to assign access to remote desktop connections to those who need it at any given time.

How can I use the TeamViewer remote desktop connection manager to provide better tech support?

Remote desktop makes the request and receipt of tech support easier than ever. TeamViewer’s specifically developed features ensure you can provide the highest standard of remote support possible. You can use chat in your Computers & Contacts panel to speak directly to your customers about each individual issue raised, whenever is most convenient for them. Additionally, sticky notes can be left to keep customers informed of what actions you have taken and any further updates or changes that may be required. By using this all-in-one solution, you can reduce the overhead of providing remote desktop assistance to different platforms. Using service cases, you can also prioritise the tech support requests you receive, ensuring that resources are used as efficiently as possible.

Highly secure remote desktop functionality

TeamViewer offers industry-leading levels of security across the board, including remote desktop connections. This starts with end-to-end encryption on all remote connections and data transfer, ensuring a secure line with customers and clients, as well as within the internal network. The remote desktop feature itself also provides both you and your customers with additional means of security. For example, it allows you to provide IT support clients with the assurance that only your organisation will have access to their resources, and they can choose precisely how far that access extends. The same applies to internal IT resource management, with extensive security locks to determine who is authorised to control devices remotely within the company.

How do I start using TeamViewer for remote desktop?

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