What challenges does screen sharing solve?

Presentations, meetings, trainings, and many other tasks require the sharing of both visual and audio aides. In an office environment, you usually make use of projectors, charts, or print-outs to achieve this. In the digital workplace, however, you can't rely on the same tactics. A shared screen therefore enables you to achieve the same result as you would physically when working remotely with colleagues, customers, and clients. Screen sharing software enables the entire team to join and collaborate from the comfort and convenience of their desk, alleviating the crowding and personnel limits of a conference room.

How does TeamViewer’s screen sharing work?

Share Your Screen With TeamViewer

TeamViewer meetings allow you to invite up to 25 participants from your list of TeamViewer contacts to join a spontaneous or scheduled online meeting. Alternatively, you can invite anyone to join easily with a single click through their browser. Screen sharing allows all participants to view your screen, speak using VoIP, as well as connect using a microphone or webcam.

Complete Control and Flexibility

Invite others to join, remove participants, or switch presenter roles at any point during your shared screen online meeting. This is all easily achieved from one intuitive panel, meaning you don't have to leave the meeting at any point. This allows you and your team to efficiently cover different topics, share information, and get on with the task at hand without distractions or delays.

Host effective meetings and provide interactive webinars.

Use Screen Sharing from your Mobile or Desktop to show what's happening on your screen.

Organise and host effective online meetings with TeamViewer. Share your screen and display documents, slides and video files with participants in real time. Enhance your presentation with the online whiteboard feature. With one click activation, you will have access to a range of visual overlays such as annotations and drawings to improve your meeting. The shared file box feature allows you to share relevant files with participants so that they can download and access the files they need.

Show your screen independent from which device or OS you are using.

Effortlessly provide online training and webinars to remote participants anywhere in the world. You can also record your screen sharing session for reference or sharing later on. Host a meeting with participants to chat, answer questions, and give comments at the same time in one central window. The sidebar panel allows you to disable audio or video input from participants, as well as share any material or references needed to support your webinar or training session.

Why use TeamViewer’s screen share software?

Monitor mobile device

Record Your Meetings

Need a recording of your screen sharing sessions for future reference? As the host and organiser, TeamViewer allows you to record and archive meetings so that they can be accessed later.

Lock round

Enhanced Security

A benefit off the industry-leading security inherent in TeamViewer is that it is, used to host and protect more than 20 million secure connections at any given time.


All-In-One Solution

No need to switch between applications to complete remote desktop connection tasks. With your TeamViewer contacts all centrally located, you can focus on maximising results.

Is screen sharing easy to use?

  • Screen sharing software enables everyone to join a meeting or webinar from the comfort and convenience of their own desk.
  • Invite up to 25 participants from your list of TeamViewer contacts to collaborate in one digital workspace.
  • Coordinate meetings from one easy-to-use panel without ever having to leave the meeting.
  • Share your screen and display documents, slides, or video files with participants in real-time.
  • As the organiser, you can record meetings to be archived or used for future reference.
  • Stay protected and enjoy peace of mind that your online meetings will remain safe with TeamViewer's high levels of online security.
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