Why Your Feedback is Important to TeamViewer

September 4, 2015
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New TeamViewer CEO, Andreas Koenig has started outlining his vision for the company since joining in the beginning of May, 2015. A significant part of that vision is your feedback. From helpful suggestions for improvement, to surprising descriptions of ways you benefit from using TeamViewer.

It’s Andreas’ belief that your insights, comments and observations are absolutely vital to our ability to know what we’re doing right and what we could do better.

Find out why Andreas believes TeamViewer’s community is unique in its openness to sharing. And why he believes in building even stronger communications directly with the TeamViewer community, in the short video below.


We know how fortunate we are to be in the rare situation where users and customers reach out to us with suggestions for improvements and stories of success.

That’s why we ensure that no matter where or how you decide to get in touch with us your feedback reaches the right people.

Our products are built on a foundation of input from fans and customers.

Reach out in the way that suits you

Do you have an idea? Or a burning question? Regardless of whether you think it’s straight down the line or out of left field, please let us know.

There are all kinds of ways to get in touch. We always take feedback seriously, and try to respond as quickly as possible.


Would you prefer to reach out through Facebook?

More than 2.4million fans use the TeamViewer Facebook page to get in touch with us about anything and everything.

Be it to let us know how TeamViewer helped them fix their grandmother’s computer from 500 miles away.

Or giving us a helpful nudge in the direction of a feature improvement.

Or simply letting us know that they have recommended TeamViewer to friends and family.



Check out @TeamViewer_help for any support queries, and @TeamViewer for any other comments and feedback.

Although you’ve got just 140 characters to work with, it makes our day when tweets pop into our feed with suggestions, or from people blown away after trying TeamViewer for the first time.

Or tweets from people delighted that they’ve been able to fix a certain problem remotely.

We occasionally retweet some of our favorites.

Email & Tickets

If email would suit you down to the ground, then simply write to us or submit a ticket.

Be as elaborate and detailed as you like. We answer every email that comes in.

Blog Comments

We write about a lot of different themes on the TeamViewer blog.

If we hit upon a topic which gets your creative juices flowing, please feel free to put your thoughts into a comment.

Join in the great feedback threads currently on Making TeamViewer for Linux Cute, and Great Improvements for Mac in TeamViewer 10.

We’re extremely grateful to have readers willing to take the time to share their thoughts.

Your feedback is vital

Thank you for contributing so much through your feedback. We adore it, and hope it always continues.

If you’ve had something on your mind, waiting for a moment to share – please leave a comment below!

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