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May 22, 2015
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Did you know that May 25th is Geek Pride Day? This day has been around in some form or another for about ten years now and is well on its way to becoming a widely celebrated day of recognition around the world.

To commemorate Geek Pride Day, I find myself sitting here thinking about a way to write some tongue-in-cheek article about geeks and various geek subcultures, but there will likely be more than enough of those kinds of articles. 

There is certainly a lot of entertaining material available, and the reason is pretty simple. Geeks are an amazingly creative, fun bunch of people with a huge variety of interests and a passion to pursue those interests with a fiery intensity that no other group can hope to match. They’re also incredibly accepting and inclusive of everyone else.

So who are the geeks?

When you think of a geek, do you think of the stereotype of some pocket-protector wearing nerd who loves computers, mathematics, and building robots that fight each other? Sure, that person exists, and you know what? That guy is awesome. You know who else is awesome? That woman who quotes Harry Potter, plays on a quidditch team, and loves renaissance fairs.

There’s also the really cool looking surfer dude who happens to speak Klingon, loves Star Trek conventions, and sews his own Starfleet uniforms. What do these people typically all have in common? They’re intelligent, well-educated, concerned about issues greater than themselves, and often actively involved in making a difference.

The geeks are the creative force with the most power to shape the world today. With so much discussion about knowledge-based economies and the need for creative solutions to the world’s problems, it’s the geeks who are leading the charge on all fronts. It’s because being a geek means having a passion and thirst for knowledge.

The geeks let their imaginations play

Have you ever listened to geeks discussing who would win in a fight between the Starship Enterprise (NCC-1701-D of course) and an Imperial Star Destroyer, or what the impact would be on society if magic were prolific knowledge or if the zombie apocalypse were to occur? There’s a lot of creative thought that goes into these discussions, and much of it is backed up by hard science or a deep knowledge of culture or history.

It just depends on the subject. It’s a purely academic exercise by people who love intellectual discussion and enjoy letting their imaginations out to play. In their day jobs, these same people are not only scientists, engineers, and programmers, they are also historians, linguists, and sociologists. They are attorneys, doctors, teachers, and even marketing experts, accountants, and other business professionals.

At TeamViewer, we’re proud to celebrate Geek Pride Day. The people who make TeamViewer and the people who use TeamViewer all over the world are among the geeks who are doing and making great things. Take pride in that!

If you are a geek yourself and would like to use TeamViewer then simply click on the download button!

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