Overcoming Obstacles in Global Support with TeamViewer

August 12, 2015
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Are you counting chickens with the IT systems of your international customers? Or are you set up to provide global support that is simple, fast and secure, for an optimal customer experience?

SKOV A/S is an industry leading global provider of climate and production monitoring and management solutions for poultry and pork livestock.

To safeguard the health of livestock, it is vital that their customers’ IT systems are fully maintained and updated.

However, farm managers are often unable to maintain IT systems themselves and so rely on technical support from SKOV, regardless of the fact that farms are based many hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away.

Additionally, to deliver consistent service internationally, SKOV also provides support to its 80 service partners worldwide who are responsible for services, support duties, and the sale of spare parts to SKOV’s international customers.

Efficient, secure, and reliable remote connection

Facing such geographical challenges, making on-site visits to provide technical support is simply not a viable option for SKOV.

As a result, an efficient means of connecting remotely to customers’ or service partners’ systems is an integral part of SKOV’s service strategy.

Unfortunately, SKOV’s existing remote connection system was incapable of meeting their needs.

Kim Jensen Møller, product manager for SKOV’s farm management solutions, explains,

“We had another solution that should have provided the remote access we needed, but it was too complicated for our customers to use.”

Complicated software slows down processes and adds needless friction to customer communications.

Convinced by the speed and ease of TeamViewer

The simplicity of TeamViewer, combined with its exceptional security, convinced SKOV to implement it as a replacement for their previous remote solution.

They were impressed with the speed at which they could install TeamViewer and with how quickly and easily they were able to establish remote sessions using the software. SKOV was further impressed by the fact that TeamViewer requires very little support on their customers’ devices.

Once set up, each device directly connects SKOV’s support team to the controllers that monitor and manage the livestock’s climate.

“We use TeamViewer to oversee our systems and to track performance. If the climate isn’t controlled accurately, we could have 40,000 dead chickens on our hands within half an hour.”

Troubleshooting remotely

When problems crop up, customers expect service providers to resolve matters immediately.

With remote access, SKOV’s support team has the tools they need to match customer expectations.

“Customers like to have their problems fixed quickly and easily. With TeamViewer on their computers, they don’t need to worry about technical details, and we don’t need to worry about firewalls, routers, or IP addresses.”

SKOV asks their customers to download their customized QuickSupport module from their website when they need to connect to a client’s system, for an incredibly fast route to providing spontaneous remote support.

Not only that, but by setting up and using the Computers & Contacts list, SKOV’s support team can quickly connect to machines with minimal to no action required from their customers.

This process enables SKOV to react incredibly quickly to support requests from their customers, which ensures an enhanced customer experience.

Revolutionized communication with customers

SKOV has fully integrated TeamViewer into many parts of their business, which has improved their ability to communicate and provide support internationally.

Mr Møller concludes,

“TeamViewer is an agile, flexible solution which has revolutionized the way we communicate with our customers. It helps us to ensure that SKOV provides the highest level of service, irrespective of geographical location.”

Discover how SKOV implemented TeamViewer for its Academy training initiative, and global online meetings in the full case study.

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