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Manchester United

Bringing you closer to Manchester United with next-gen technology

Together with Manchester United, we are realising the full potential of digitalisation in the daily business of the legendary football club. Learn how the full breadth of our solution portfolio — including remote connectivity, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence — helps the club bring global fans closer to the team they love and solve everyday challenges.

Manchester United enhances club operations with integrated remote connectivity. Discover how access to real-time data supports the whole club on and off the pitch.

Less than 60 seconds

for a matchday photo to reach fans 

24/7 MUTV broadcasting

backed by remote IT support

30% efficiency increase

in international project collaboration

Work flexibly. United.

When ground-breaking innovation meets team spirit, everything becomes possible. See how the Manchester United staff uses TeamViewer for easy, remote IT, and technical support empowering them to work flexibly and solve issues from anywhere.

Bringing coaching materials to the team on-the-go

Before the collaboration with TeamViewer, Manchester United spent a significant amount of time uploading coaching files to different locations to make these available to the travelling team, in particular for away matches. Thanks to TeamViewer, the team now has highly secure remote access to the servers in Manchester from everywhere in the world. As an added advantage, the team can also remotely manage the video wall in their gym to ensure personalized and targeted training sessions.

Bringing Augmented Reality to the club’s frontline workers

At Old Trafford, a lot of preparation goes into every match. The property services staff play a vital role in assuring that the stadium is in peak condition to host several thousand excited fans. TeamViewer supports this preparation with smart technology that lowers error rates while ensuring immediate digitalised documentation of each stadium check.

Enhanced fan experiences through real-time content

Manchester United’s media team reduces time needed to upload matchday photos from five minutes to under one minute. How? They use TeamViewer to remotely and securely access the on-pitch photographers’ computers in real time. Result: Stunning, real-time pictures that bring fans anywhere in the world closer to the team they love.

Improving online fan support

When fans need help purchasing a match ticket online, they can now grant Manchester United’s ticketing advisors permission to remotely activate a co-browsing session via TeamViewer. In real time, the advisors guide fans through the checkout process as if they were sitting right next to them, resolving their issue quickly and efficiently.