3 Ways an Admin’s Life is Improved with Group Re-sharing

November 4, 2015
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Admin’s lives are full of short deadlines and competing priorities. Which is why optimizing processes for Admins to save time is high on our agenda. With TeamViewer 11, Admins have the power to share and re-share shared groups for enormous time savings.

TeamViewer 11 enables you to share groups that have been shared with you and move contacts out of shared groups and into your personal groups.

The task of group management can now be delegated, freeing up time and energy for the company admin to focus on other tasks.

Simply put, Admins are now able to save vast amounts of time and hassle. The overall structuring and usage of the management console is greatly improved through the ability to re-share.

As an Admin once said to me about his factories located thousands of miles away in another continent, “I want to share a group with one of my Admins once, and then move on to bigger things” Now he can!

Let’s take a look at three ways group re-sharing in TeamViewer 11 will improve your life.

1. Streamline your IT support – share groups once

Are you the company Admin? Or are you the owner of in-demand groups? Chances are you’re often contacted by colleagues who need you to share groups with them.

This stream of requests is disruptive to your workflow.

Once you’ve set up the group structure as you want it, now you can delegate the responsibilities of sharing groups to your colleagues to improve communications and, vitally, save time.

Alternatively you can decide to work in collaboration with your team, enabling them to all edit and maintain groups.

2. Share groups that have been shared with you

Ranging from bouts of flu to lengthy, well-earned vacations – there are countless reasons why group owners are not always reachable.

Re-sharing removes this as a problem.

There’s no need to ask the group-creator every time you’d like them to share their group with someone else.

Once a group has been shared with you, you will be able to re-share it with those who need it.

Additionally, the issues of not knowing who originally created and shared the group are a thing of a past.

From within the Computers & Contacts list, you can easily and quickly see the original group creator.

3. Move shared contacts into your own groups

Once a group has been shared with you with Full Control, you will be able to freely move contacts and devices from this shared group into any of your own personal groups.

Even better, you’ll be able to save even more time with Multi-select.

Select multiple contacts or devices within your Computers & Contacts list in the TeamViewer client, and drag and drop them into your own group.

I know we have customers with hundreds, and in some cases even thousands of computers in ONE group.

Now, those Admins will be able to save an enormous amount of time.

Key Takeaways

Any and all companies that are currently sharing groups amongst even a handful of people in their company profile will welcome this with open arms.

For example, a customer of ours has two supporting staff on different farms.

They all need to occasionally edit the groups and the computers within, but constantly have to revert to the group creator to share with their other branches in the cities.

They’ve sometimes had to wait days to get this done, due to scrappy cell phone coverage and the boss being out in the fields. No longer!

Whether you’re working on short term projects, or running in-house training, or simply looking to streamline your IT support – Group Sharing will substantially improve your Admins’ lives.


TeamViewer 11 is a major step forwards in the entire remote access and online collaboration market. Now, more than ever, you can connect the people and things that matter most.

To find out more information and to download TeamViewer 11 beta, click the button below!

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