HDI Conference – The melting pot of support

May 12, 2017
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TeamViewer exhibited from May 9 – 12 at the biggest event for IT management and support in the U.S.—the Help Desk Institute (HDI) Conference in Washington D.C.

Our newest TeamViewer developments aimed at help desk professionals, including our unique mobile-to-mobile capabilities, were very popular with attendees, along with our integration into IBM MaaS360, an industry-leading mobile device management (MDM) platform.

Applying IT processes outside IT

TeamViewer partners that integrate TeamViewer into their own solutions were also well-represented. One of the main areas of development focus was the application of structured IT processes outside the respective department. Both Freshdesk and ServiceNow now allow their users to do project management for tasks in marketing and especially HR. They aim to create a zero-touch self-service solution that empowers users to help themselves.

While some might wonder if that could create issues, especially for companies focused on ticket handling, the answer is clearly no. In the future, the focus will be on machine learning and AI, something Zendesk is already putting into their own product.

Features to Guide you

Zendesk calls this feature ‘Guide’, an AI enabled help center that can determine your needs. Based on the input it receives, it will automatically reply to the sender and suggest solutions based on an ever-growing knowledge base fostered by crowd sourcing and—in the beginning—regular staff input.

Zendesk is also focusing on improving reporting capabilities. Not only ticket reporting, but also business intelligence systems and even Google Analytics real-time reports. Finally, they expanded their capabilities by introducing an option to send mailings to your existing customer base using the same engine as the ticket system.

Traditional is not dead

While a lot of these developments seem to be focused on new areas, there are those that are more traditional. Atlassian, known for Jira, e.g. expanded their pool of available languages to now 14 and increased the options to customize and brand both their portals and outgoing emails to better represent the customers brand.


  • ITSM will morph into SM
  • AI in combination with machine learning will reduce the need for manual work
  • Software integrations through open APIs increased in relevance
  • Localization of IT infrastructure a focus for many
  • Cloud, cloud, cloud. On-site is counting its days.

Being part of an IT eco-system, a cooperative and dynamic environment that allows for easy implementation and linking of software, is necessary to thrive in the years to come. We at TeamViewer believe in this, evident through the many native integrations and add-ons provided for other software.

To learn more, visit our integrations website or have a quick look on how different help and service desk systems with TeamViewer integrations compare.

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