How Jyske Bank Implemented Online Support

June 10, 2015
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Denmark’s second largest bank, Jyske Bank A/S, strives to provide an individualized experience for its customers. Because 70-80% of their clients now actively use the bank’s online service known as Jyske Netbank, the bank needed to adapt to the evolving needs of their customers.

Jyske Bank used to support their Netbank customers by telephone. If customers were having problems setting up an online account, logging in, or completing transactions, the bank’s support team would offer assistance to help trace the source of the issue and solve the problem.

This process was time consuming and relied on the customer’s ability to explain the problem clearly as well as effectively act upon the support team’s instructions. Miscommunication between the support team and customers could result in delays and customer frustration, which led to interruptions in the flow of transactions and reflected negatively on the bank.

Ensuring secure login processes with TeamViewer

With the number of Internet customers increasing at an ever accelerated pace, Jyske Bank decided it needed a more efficient and reliable way of remotely supporting their online account holders. The bank was introduced to TeamViewer in order to enable members of the support team to securely log in to customers’ PCs to troubleshoot potential issues.

Jyske Bank found TeamViewer to be a great solution due to its user-friendly design and its cross-platform compatibility, but most importantly because of its security standards. Neither the bank nor the customers needed to worry about sessions being hacked or accessed through unauthorized remote access sessions.

“We are able to log the sessions, which is important for legal purposes as it means we can show exactly when we were logged on to their system and what we did. This protects us and gives the customer total peace of mind,” says Knud Albrechtsen, the bank’s IT administrator. “These records are crucial in case a customer ever complains.”

Jyske Bank’s customers increasingly use the online services

Customer confidence in the online channel has increased as a result of using TeamViewer to support the Netbank service. TeamViewer‘s impact on the ability to serve customers more efficiently has been substantial; it helps numerous customers each day, both to solve trivial problems and more technical challenges.

“TeamViewer is a vital tool for managing our online channel,” says Albrechtsen. “We absolutely couldn’t do what we do without it.” Jyske Bank is so impressed with the simple efficiency and great impact of TeamViewer that they are now even looking at additional ways to implement the
software internally!


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