The Most Important Modern Workplace Trends Out There

March 3, 2016
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Workplace trends are evolving at a rapid pace. Technology breakthroughs herald new eras that require new skills. At the same time, cultural shifts are impacting social and physical environments. Change has become the norm. How then can we be at the top of our game every single day?

Feedback, comments, and use cases from our users and customers have led us to the conclusion that success in the modern workplace requires constant innovation, skill, and experience.

Also, evidence of workplace trends such as a recent study that shows that the 40 hour workweek is actually 47 make it clear that getting more done in less time is essential.

Productivity, motivation, and collaboration are key themes, and we need all the help we can get to succeed.

This is why we are re-dedicating the TeamViewer Blog to building a hub for all the tips, insights, and advice the TeamViewer community, industry experts, and commentators can muster to enable readers to succeed in the modern workplace.

With your help we’re aiming to produce content to the benefit of all those who:

  • enjoy being at the cutting edge of technology at home and at work
  • want to succeed working in a modern workplace
  • want to do everything possible to avoid wasting time
  • love being able to work from wherever they are
  • believe in doing their best for colleagues and customers
  • believe in finding and trying new solutions to daily issues
  • believe in constantly improving the way they work and live


Whether you’re working to hit deadlines in an open office space, working from home on an important report, or even collaborating on a presentation on the way to a pitch, our goal is to uncover practical ways to succeed, wherever you might be.

In short, the TeamViewer Blog should be a must-read for techies who want to be great at working in a modern, highly mobile work environment.

So, what topics can you expect to find on the TeamViewer Blog?

Workplace trend #1 – the workplace itself

How does your workplace environment affect our ability to succeed? Every work space has advantages and disadvantages. We have to be able to adapt to each.

The modern workplace involves multiple work environments on and off site – from working in an office cubicle to a hot-seat shared office space or an open-plan office.

The TeamViewer Blog will systematically remove barriers to workplace productivity, tackle workplace health and fitness challenges, and discover the best ways to achieve work-life balance.

It will be home to all workplace productivity tips designed to enable you to perform at your best no matter what environment you’re working in.

Questions we will tackle next in the Workplace section:

  • What role does determination play in workplace productivity?
  • What faux pas are worth avoiding in an open office workspace?

Workplace trend #2 – technology

What technology trends have you seen entering the workplace? Bring your own device (BYOD), the Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile are all driving technology changes in the workplace.

They affect how we work individually, what we work on, and how we work together.

Success in the modern workplace demands an ability to make use of technology to improve every part of our working life.

It’s already clear that IT systems are becoming more predictive rather than responsive, that IoT is already starting to make an impact, and that the implications for technology in the workplace are going to continue to play an enormous role.

With these advancements comes the opportunity for substantial personal and professional growth. We’ll be looking into the practical steps to take in order to take full advantage of these opportunities.

Questions we will tackle next in the Technology section:

  • How can we use BYOD to benefit motivation at work?
  • How will the Internet of Things open opportunities for personal growth?

Workplace trend #3 – all things security

How does security affect your working day? Data protection, internet privacy, and encryption are all incredibly important, complex topics that often reach us via the media, compliance policies, and conversations with coworkers.

However, it’s just as important to ensure the security of our computers and mobile devices from malware, physical damage, and poor maintenance.

We will focus on practical approaches to workplace security as it relates these topics.

This is of critical importance regardless of whether it’s preventing our laptops from overheating whilst working from home or brushing up on computer security and internet security best practices.

Questions we will tackle next in the Security section:

  • How can we efficiently protect ourselves from every type of Malware?
  • When does it pay to be creative with passwords?

Workplace trend #4 – collaboration

How often do you find yourself working in collaboration with coworkers or external resources? Ever find it a challenge to maintain efficiency, avoid bottlenecks, and get the best out of the experience personally or as a team?

Success in the modern workplace relies in large part on our ability to effectively work with coworkers to achieve goals.

The importance of teamwork and team collaboration cannot be overstated. However, with so much advice out there, it’s our job to discern what’s good, actionable, evidence-based advice, and what isn’t.

We will explore approaches and processes designed to get the best results from your teamwork in the workplace.

Questions we will tackle next in the Collaboration section:

  • How can we waste less time on email when collaborating?
  • How can we be better project managers?

Workplace trend #5 – customer service

How does customer service impact your tasks? One way or another, the modern workplace means that we are all involved directly or indirectly with customers.

It is a top priority to provide service excellence to build customer loyalty and retention.

We will investigate the importance of customer satisfaction and fostering a customer first attitude in the workplace.

Whether you’re interested in providing great customer service as a tech supporter, are in charge of handling requests through a ticketing solution, or affecting the development of the company’s product, you’ll find useful information and tips providing better customer service

Questions we will tackle next in the Customer Service section:

  • How can we feel like we’re making a difference to customers’ lives?
  • What is the most practical approach to customer service training?

Workplace trend #6 – telecommuting

Have you ever needed to work in an environment that isn’t your company’s office such as working from home, from a coffee shop, or while on a business trip?

Teleworking is integral to the modern workplace, which means it is vital that we can succeed while working from anywhere in the world.

Remote work has its own challenges though.

If you’re looking for tips to be more effective working from home or interested in the best hardware and software tips while out on the road, expect to find them here.

Questions we will tackle next in the Telecommuting section:

  • How can we be successful working from home offices?
  • What should we do if our devices are compromised?’
  • Is it possible to make time for family whilst being an effective teleworker?

Key Workplace Trends Takeaways

The TeamViewer Blog will provide answers to questions, practical advice, and industry expertise on workplace trends that affect our ability to get more done.

We’ll dive heard first into topics such as:

  • The workplace environment itself
  • Technology trends
  • Security in the workplace
  • Collaboration with coworkers
  • Customer Service
  • Effective Telecommuting


Are there any topics you would like to see us explore? Write a comment below!

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