How to use TeamViewer Smartly?

A few easy steps add extra security

TeamViewer is a powerful tool designed to provide remote support and it can make your life easy, particularly when it comes to computer problems you are grappling with and can’t find anyone nearby to help you. It is convenient and it is certainly safe to use Yet, before you allow somebody to support you remotely you need to follow these  easy steps to add extra security.


Ask for support when YOU need it

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it is the most important step to stay safe. If somebody cold calls you to offer support, just hang up. If you are not experiencing any issues you do not need help. However, if you are having issues with your computer then you should take the initiative and find help. By asking friends or family you’ll almost certainly find someone who can help.


Stay in front of your computer

There are many service providers who are more than happy to provide remote support. If you chose to allow access it is wise to stay in front of your computer and watch what they are doing. Legitimate service providers will be more than happy to help you understand what they are doing. And if you are using TeamViewer to receive remote support, you will regain total control when you move your computer mouse.


Restrict remote access to your computer

TeamViewer lets you add a number of additional security precautions. One of the most important security features that is called a whitelist. A whitelist lets you add people you know to a ‘safe list’ and means that only people on that list will be able to access your device. So if you find a computer expert you trust and you put them on your whitelist it means that nobody other than them can access your computer through TeamViewer to fix it.

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