Online Whiteboard: An Effective Collaboration and Remote Support Tool

Share ideas and brainstorm all in one place and in real time with an online whiteboard.

What Is an Online Whiteboard and How Does it Work?

An online whiteboard is a remote support tool that allows you to provide support to friends, coworkers, and customers. However, unlike traditional remote support in which the user has complete remote control over the device of the person they are helping, the online whiteboard lets the person receiving the support see information overlaid on their screen and take actions themselves. The whiteboard allows supporters to guide the end-user through various tasks by using tools such as sketching, typing, and comment bubbles as well as by highlighting areas to draw attention to.

An online whiteboard is not only used for the purpose of support however; it is a powerful tool with a multitude of uses. In addition to augmenting real-time remote support by allowing supporters to demonstrate how to solve a problem when assisting customers and employees, the whiteboard makes it possible to quickly and effectively disseminate information to multiple users when teams are working remotely. Colleagues can collaborate effortlessly and use the whiteboard to assign tasks, brainstorm ideas, and illustrate concepts.

How Can an Online Whiteboard Help with Real-Time Task Delegation?

Online whiteboards allow teams and co-workers to work together as they would in person.

Project managers can share their screen with colleagues and, in a team view that every participant shares, use the various tools available to:

  • Write letters or instructions
  • Annotate over exisiting information
  • Make notes
  • Draw diagrams
  • Highlight pertinent pieces of information

Additionally, online whiteboards add an interactive element to the task delegation process that enhances long-term learning.

employees sitting around a laptop
representation of switching between various different applications or programs

Digital whiteboards can easily be activated or deactivated at any time during a remote desktop session or an online meeting simply by clicking a button.

Seamlessly merging remote connection and whiteboard means confusion is kept to a minimum when switching between tasks, and you can quickly bring up the whiteboard tools as and when they are needed.

This ability to toggle the whiteboard on and off is invaluable when making presentations as it allows you to showcase the original source material without the additional annotations if this is required.

This means that information can be accessed effectively for training sessions and webinars.

Professional Online Whiteboard Use Cases

An online whiteboard is an optimal solution for remote learning and education. It allows the teacher or instructor to use their screen as a centralised point of instruction. Any number of users can connect to it and view the information being presented. The centralised nature of the board means that an instructor can highlight and make notes and annotations as well as direct end-users to certain points of information while simultaneously lecturing. Session recording is another feature many whiteboards are equipped with, which means that training sessions do not have to be repeated; after one iteration, they can simply be played back for future employees working on the same problem, which saves both time and human resources.

Collaboration via online whiteboards provides additional functionality to an ordinary conference call. It gives the user the ability to give presentations and address teams regardless of their location, which makes it an ideal tool for management wishing to train and develop employees. Additionally, the online whiteboard tool better supports students or trainees learning through step-by-step guidance.

Key Benefits of Online Whiteboards

Easier task delegation

Improve your team’s cohesion and coordination with online whiteboards. Colleagues can share and present information effortlessly and in real time. Project managers are also able to guide and support coworkers when working on mutual projects, regardless of their location.

Improved remote training

With online whiteboards, businesses can provide comprehensive instructions with enhanced functionality, resulting in more in-depth training sessions. Much like a physical whiteboard, instructors can create notes to better explain complex concepts and highlight pertinent information to end-users.

Provide advanced support

The online whiteboard function provides advanced support to both customers and employees alike. Instead of simply solving the problem, customer support technicians can guide end-users through the issue so that recurring issues can be dealt with in the future.

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