Qualitest research shows competitive advantages of TeamViewer

TeamViewer engaged Qualitest – a world leading independent quality assurance company – to test the technical performance and compare it to the performance of competitors.

TeamViewer emerged as:

  • Best-in-class device coverage
  • Quickest in file transfer
  • Best-in-class image quality
  • Best-in-class ease-of-use

2.5+ Billion

Connected Devices

45+ Million

Sessions Daily



> 240 Million

Active Users

Best-in-class device coverage

With the highest total combined coverage of 127 manufacturers  for mobile devices, operating systems, and IoT devices on the market today, TeamViewer emerged as best-in-class for device coverage.

Source: “TeamViewer 14 Competitive Performance Evaluation,” July 26, 2019, study conducted by Qualitest, the world’s largest, independent quality assurance company

Best-in-class ease-of-use

With measurable user experience advantages:

  • Fastest time-to-connect (Windows-to-Windows connections across internet connections, WAN)
  • Quickest file transfer rate with the ability to distinguish between file types and apply efficient compression algorithm
  • Highest average image quality score

Best-in-class image quality

Covering all consolidated tests consisting of screen latency, color grade, greyscale and image resolution.

Quickest in File Transfer

Source: “TeamViewer 14 Competitive Performance Evaluation,” July 26, 2019, study conducted by Qualitest, the world’s largest, independent quality assurance company

  • TeamViewer was able to transfer more Mega-Bytes of data per second (MBps) than any of the other applications under test.
  • All other applications (except Dropbox) took more than twice the time that TeamViewer did in transferring the entire sample file point-to-point.
  • TeamViewer was also the fastest in transferring a larger compressible file; showing it has an efficient compression algorithm as opposed to its competitors, some of which did not offer any compression.
  • TeamViewer was also able to distinguish between file types and utilises the necessary amount of Network Bandwidth to transfer the file efficiently in the shortest time possible.

About Qualitest: Named a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Testing Services, Qualitest is the world’s largest, independent quality assurance company, named #1 among 15 quality assurance and software testing service companies in 2019.

About the test: In 2019, Qualitest provided an unbiased competitive performance evaluation to comprehensively and methodically test TeamViewers 14 (the latest version at this time) against competing vendor offerings*, with real-world remote connection use cases and measurements. The improved and current TeamViewer version can be found here and may show different results when compared to most recent versions of competing vendor offerings.

The results were derived from a total of over 400 executed real-world tests and show that TeamViewer can claim significant performance advantages against the selected peers. All tests were executed to reflect operational conditions as closely as possible. Hence, performance was evaluated based on a broad variety of networks (3G, WAN, LAN) and operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android). Tests were carried out in Europe and Asia and cross-continent to reflect advanced, business critical, real-world applications.

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Why are people switching to TeamViewer?

With a wide array of features, TeamViewer is an all-in-one solution that simply can’t be matched by any TeamViewer alternatives.

Customers switch to TeamViewer when they:

  • Need a platform-agnostic solution to access a variety of devices and operating systems
  • Are frustrated with slow, unreliable connections
  • Need an easy-to-use remote support solution for clients or employees
  • Are fed up with increased prices from other software vendors
  • Handle sensitive data and need a HIPAA certified, GDPR compliant remote access solution

*Application Versions

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