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TeamViewer Frontline Vision Picking

Building intelligent manufacturing operations with Augmented Reality

A continually changing macro-economic climate and increased supply chain disruptions are driving more businesses to build more risk-resilient manufacturing operations.

The TeamViewer Frontline integration with SAP Digital Manufacturing enables companies to optimize manufacturing operations along the entire value chain with augmented reality (AR) workflows that increase productivity and reduce errors.

Engineers and production line workers can work hands-free and are able to view all relevant information displayed in their field of view, resulting in:

  • Increased productivity
  • Fewer errors and less rework
  • Less downtime
  • Increased safety
  • Improved training and faster onboarding

Optimize the shop floor with increased data visibility

A constant flow of data is pushed between workers on the shop floor and SAP Digital Manufacturing allowing for better analysis and improvement of processes, improved visibility, and the ability to track and enhance performance. Sophisticated tracking-, compliance- and quality-control-mechanisms simplify data collection right at the point of work and eliminate the need for manual data collection that can be very time-consuming and error prone.

TeamViewer for SAP Digital Manufacturing Solution Highlights
Automatic retrieval of work tasks

Automatic retrieval of work tasks

Workers can scan the Work Center QR Code with their smart glasses to instantly receive the visual work instructions they need, replacing analogue processes and paper instructions while keeping their hands free for the task.

Seamless documentation and data integration

Seamless documentation and data integration

Automatically document each step and generate reports with hands-free voice commands for taking digital photos, recording videos, and adding comments through speech-to-text functionality and synchronize the captured data back to SAP Digital Cloud.

Integrated documentation steps

Integrated documentation steps

The automatic documentation of each step allows workers to pause and easily resume the task in case of any interruptions.

Instant Remote Support

Instant Remote Support

Enable your workers to get immediate remote support and supervisory help if problems occur. The worker can easily receive AR-based remote support from an expert.

IT/OT Manufacturing

Use cases for TeamViewer Frontline integration into SAP Digital Manufacturing

  • Training and Onboarding
    By creating a more intuitive working environment, training new employees and deploying them to any area is easy, eliminating the challenges that come with a fluctuating or seasonal workforce.
  • Visualization of complex work instructions
    TeamViewer Frontline’s innovative make-by-vision solution provides employees with dynamic, step-by-step instructions directly in their field of vision via smart glasses. This offers significant time saving when the assembly is highly customizable depending on the production.
  • Quality assurance
    When verification measurements are required on each step of the assembly, TeamViewer Frontline provides a standard quality assurance system that ensures perfect results and documentation with each production step, automatically uploaded to SAP Digital Manufacturing.
  • Pick for Assembly
    In some cases, workers need to pick the materials themselves before performing the assembly. TeamViewer Frontline offers both visual picking and assembly solutions to significantly improve productivity.
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