How LUSH Saves Time and Cuts Costs with TeamViewer

July 8, 2015
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TeamViewer can be used to save time and cut costs in nearly every sector, even in the cosmetic industry. Simplifying processes with TeamViewer has made the daily work of the cosmetic chain LUSH much more efficient.

LUSH has a wide range of special soaps as well as personal care and bath products – everything made from organic fruits and vegetables, essential oils, and safe synthetics.

To always be up to date and to best cover customers’ needs, it was important for LUSH to have fast access to data from different stores in order to conduct the evaluations necessary for product placement and introduction.

Finding a solution that saves time and costs

Before LUSH began working with TeamViewer, the processes were expensive and time consuming. The hub of all activities was the central office where, for example, all sales data came together at a register computer.

Since the register systems at the different stores cannot save data long-term, transferring data to the register computer at the central office had to be done at the beginning of each business day.

At the same time, it was necessary for an employee to monitor this data transfer to avoid data loss – even on weekends.

Furthermore, sufficient IT support was required at the stores. This had to be carried out by external IT providers who invested extensive travel time, which also increased support costs.

LUSH was conscious of the fact that a better solution had to be found to save time, facilitate their employees’ daily work, and reduce IT support costs.

Simplifying controlling and management of all stores

Katja Kreß, Head of LUSH GmbH, explains:

“First and foremost, we wanted to make register retrievals and controlling more efficient. That is why we asked for a solution that would enable both the central office as well as all employees – even from home or on the road – to access our central computer as well as store PCs.”

After a successful test phase, the decision was made in favor of TeamViewer. LUSH was thrilled about the exceptionally easy installation plus the one-time license model without any additional costs.

The advantages they found in working with TeamViewer are immense: There are no more office hours on the weekend for staff members who have to monitor the data transfer. Employee verification is now possible from everywhere.

Register retrieval has become much simpler, and product evaluations can be generated by employees at different LUSH stores.

In addition, the costs for IT support are lower because support providers are no longer needed on site at stores, which saves further on travel costs. Kreß concludes:

“The advantages of using TeamViewer are obvious. By eliminating weekend travel to the central office, we save more than five hours of pure work time every month. Simultaneously, the cost of IT support is lowered by a four-figure euro amount. Employees in the stores are happy that they now receive help for technical problems much more quickly.”


To find out more about how LUSH’s experience in implementing TeamViewer, take a look at the full case study.

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